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Join holistic health coach Suzanne Strisower in this webinar to discover techniques that will help to lift you up when you are down. Negative emotions can be strong and even enveloping or debilitating. Instead of becoming overwhelmed and consumed by negative emotions, attend this webinar to find out how to turn negative emotions into positive energy to help you in your life.
Blessed are those who can make people laugh, for they shall never be without an audience. Through this engaging online learning platform, Carla will show you how to grab the attention of your audience and get them smiling and laughing. Whether you are meeting with a client, introducing yourself at a networking event, or making a presentation - a light-hearted approach grabs attention, opens minds and makes your material more memorable. Whether you were the class clown or the class bookworm, anyone can benefit from having a few tips for lightening up your communication in a business setting. Contrary to popular belief, this is a skill that CAN be learned. During this engaging, fun and practical presentation you will discover how to: • understand what is at the core of why humans laugh • move past fears of using humor • trigger the right kind of laughter that builds bridges and opens minds • avoid the 5 top mistakes people make when trying to use humor
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At the Artistry of Change we activate people in high pressure careers to build the kind of mental and emotional resiliency that makes them indispensable to those they serve helping them move from being contracted and fearful around change to creatively flowing with change. We focus on visionary leaders in such areas as Personal Growth - Human Potential - Health & Wellness – HR, soft skills Professional Development. We show visionary leaders how to train their brains for high performance and how to create presentations that rock people’s worlds, open minds, and inspire people to take action on your message.
As a Life Purpose Expert and Coach who guides people making positive and proactive transitions for your life, Suzanne's approach is unique because when she works with clients she works from the inside out. Starting with asking what your "Personal WHY" is. What do you want to do and why. Then will figure out the best way to move in that direction. Suzanne's vision is for a more conscious, creative, alive and healthy planet so in any way that she can creatively express that mission she ishappy to do so - like as an author through her book and unique oracle - http://www.InsightfulRunes.com or through her weekly radio show, Living Well Talk Radio, offers positive alternatives and resource for people both personally and professionally.
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