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Inviting Compassionate Presence to ALL of Ourselves Webinar by Karl Smerecnik and Scott Catamas Sunday February 10, 9:00 -10:30 AM PST (please note time zone) What is your immediate response when you have uncomfortable feelings, such as fear, anger, sadness, hopelessness or frustration? Do you ignore or avoid them? Do you do things you regret to try to feel better? Do you take it out on someone else? Do you blame and criticize yourself? Do you shut down and/or turn off from the world? During this webinar Karl and Scott will be offering ways to compassionately embrace these challenging emotions and create a way forward that fills you with life. • Learn how to self-empathize to rejuvenate yourself in challenging situations • Experience a new way of seeing your emotions as beautiful expressions of your deepest longings • Learn practical ways of staying open-hearted, loving, and compassionate • Understand the core-beliefs that lead to your habitual reactions so you can have greater choice in how you respond • Integrate the different parts of yourself that are in conflict to have more inner peace, self-trust, and ease We look forward to you joining us for this highly engaging and interactive call. **Please join the call at least 10 minutes before it starts to download the webinar platform and ensure compatibility with your computer
Speaking to a group, clients or customers is a way to influence lives and build relationships. Communication extends way beyond your words, it is an energy and connection. What you say and how you say it matters. Your message matters and it can make you money when you are aligned with its power to transform lives. For most people, public speaking brings up more fear than any other activity. There is something very raw, revealing and vulnerable about standing in front of people and speaking from your passion and your feelings. And public speaking brings up all sorts of inner issues that can be transformed into power. Join me for a class that helps you overcome your fear and step into your public speaking power. In this class I will give you a 4 part strategy to create speaking gigs that are moving and transformational. We will focus on fear elimination, voice and tone, storyline and connection, as well as body posture. I will share with you my evolution in public speaking and some of the techniques I used to become a powerful leader and speaker.
Design a powerful new year! If you go my way, you'll probably be stressing less and making fewer resolutions. You might actualy have fun. You might simplify your life. This approach to planning out your goals is fairly unique because its comprehensive and yet so simple, and you will ralize things that are never goals that perhaps should be! Its not just a goal-setting/resolution-making course... its a comprehensive life design strategy that is easy to understand and really a joy to do. I base the course on the feng shui bagua map and the Maslow pyramid (we go over both in the class) and we will take a look at both, get you started on a realistic and awesome plan...and give you a few feng shui tips for good measure!
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The Goizueta Business School Alumni Entrepreneur Network (GAEN) was founded by Goizueta Business School alumni to foster and inspire the Goizueta Business School alumni entrepreneurial community. Participation in most activities is open to all alumni of Emory University that are interested in the pursuit of entrepreneurial ventures and business ownership. GAEN provides a valuable connection for Emory alumni that are pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors back to the Business School and to the larger business community. The connection is highlighted through GAEN's monthly meetings on the first Wednesday morning of each month with guest speakers that are successful entrepreneurs, GBS professors, and professional service providers for entrepreneurs. We encourage and invite all Emory alumni to engage in the community.
I am a former anthropologist turned MD--now using integrative medicine focused on Mind-Body approaches. I work with people not only to understand and improve their physical health and state-of-mind, but perhaps even more importantly, this work helps people to find or refine their bigger story: What really matters to them? What do they want to do with their time and energy? There is always some level of healing to come from this work, no matter how serious the illness or how bad the burn out. Where a person is open to learning, he or she will grow--often in unexpected ways.
Performance Inspired, Inc. helps organizations activate the science of inspiration to elevate workplace performance and customer advocacy. We provide consulting, experiential learning, engaging media, research, and tools through a simple 5-step process. Whether it's building leaders, navigating change, improving collaboration, or increasing brand activation we can help you move from perspiration to inspiration and get your organization wired to inspire.
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