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The CONFIDENCE CLUB is a private club. Members will meet weekly, on Wednesday nights at 10 pm. The annual fee is 25$ The CONFIDENCE CLUB was created to educate, support, encourage, modivate and assist our Lifewave members for their success both in patching and buliding their Lifewave Business. Testimonials will be shared and answers will be provided concerning the elearning training "7 step to success" of www.bettyaslanis.gr Members of the Club will be able to interact and communicate. Ethos is a primary principle among the members of this club.
In this class, you will learn: 1. How the muscles and organs of the body are energetically connected and how dysfunction in one can reveal dysfunction in another. 2. How the Chinese acupuncture/acupressure system can be used to help re-balance the organs and muscles 3. How to use LifeWave "needle-less" acupuncture patch technology to improve energy flow in the organ and release tense/painful muscles This class will be primarily taught by: Kathy Arnaud, Certified Massage Therapist Human and Equine Pain Management Specialist (757) 409-3529 www.massageandrestore.com www.lifewave.com/639394 www.aculifenow.come/639394
Detoxing is very popular these days, but did you know it can also be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing? In this class you'll learn: 1. When it is appropriate to engage in a detoxification program and when it is not 2. Key signs or symptoms of when detoxing would be dangerous 3. Key steps to safe and effective detoxification 4. Cutting edge energy tools that aid in safe detoxification
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Dr. Karen Kan is a Doctor of Light Medicine and Founder of the TOLPAKANâ„¢ Healing Method, an energy healing method that quickly discerns the foundational issues surrounding a health challenge and then directs high vibrational healing. As a mentor/trainer/healer, she helps Sensitive Souls feeling overwhelm, overstimulated and overtired to feeling calm, confident and connected. Her passion is helping them harness their superpowers, express their Soul's Mission, and create Joy in the process.
Health Advocate - Motivational Speaker & Business Consultant. She educates people on how to achieve better health and wealth by using Lifewave's nanotechnology patches instead of needles.
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