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Danielle Gibbons
Recorded: Apr 06, 2015 at 10:00 pm EDT
Welcome to Mother Marys fourth teaching in Her letting go series. Mother teaches that the question of why me is one that can be asked in two different ways. One is from doubt and the other is curiosity. She is dedicating the month of April to discovering which one drives your why me. Most likely it is a combination of both. The exploration of this mindset will allow you to raise your consciousness and decide what benefit you receive from why me and whether or not something needs to shift. There are aspects of April and Mays teaching, Letting Go of Self-Pity that go hand and glove. The unraveling of these mindsets will bring you greater control of your inner being in how you relate and perceive the present moment, your past and the possibilities of the future. It will deepen your willingness to accept the present as it is and as you are. When we are present in the moment, Mother tells us that is where we thrive. For some of us why me can be a mantra of pain and frustration for what we have or don't have in our lives. Are you ready for a new mantra, one that supports your growth and well being? I hope you answer yes and join us as we bring space and life to this mindset.
10 Proven Ayurvedic Strategies to Turn Your Body Into a Glowing, Healthy Temple During this free live class you'll learn how to incorporate Ayurveda into your daily life so you start seeing massive beauty benefits! These proven techniques will teach you how to: Remove toxins from your body on a daily basis so your skin stays clear, your hair radiates and your nails grow strong Eat a breakfast that gives you sustained energy throughout the day, promotes mental clarity & balances the pH of your body (without loads of calories) Get a short & sweet yoga, meditation + breathing practice going to enhance your body + mind's ability to function that even crazy-busy working women can manage to do Read the signs & symptoms showing up in your body so you can prevent disease and sync up with the rhythms of nature Plus, a Q&A session at the end of the call where you can ask Ashley & Nadya anything related to Ayurveda and your health. No question is too big or too small!
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Nadya Andreeva is a wellness coach and yoga instructor helping modern city girls create a balanced and manageable approach to staying healthy and energized in stressful environments. Using the ancient wisdom of ayurvda, yoga, and mindfulness Nadya helps her clients learn how to listen to their bodies and to understand its language. Finding Your Own Wellness Guru who can guide you through diet and exercise challenges is the most sustainable approach to life-long wellness, in Nadya's opinion. She holds an MA in Organizational Psychology from New York University and a Wellness Coaching certification from Wellcoaches.
Jai Dev Singh is a yogi, teacher and practitioner of Ayurvedic Medicine. He is the creator of The Life-Force Formula and The Complete Course of Ayurveda. His innovative Ayurveda and Yoga courses have been attended and studied by hundreds of people throughout the world. He is a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist and formerly served as the Clinical Director at the California College of Ayurveda as well as the director of the college's Pancha Karma Center and Ayurvedic Spa. Jai Dev lives in northern California with his wife, Simrit Kaur, and their son. He teaches live classes and workshops regularly, as well as online and audio courses. Jai Dev's classes are powerful, penetrating and effective. He is currently a working partner at Floracopeia, Inc., and a co-founder of MedicineCrow.com, a membership based website for sharing the knowledge and wisdom of plant based medicine.
I’m a writer, Mother Mary channel, mom, hiker, optimist, lover of nature, and all things spiritual. My inner awakening came through trial by fire. Making the deep dive within began out of desperation but quickly became essential to my life. Not long after, in 1994, Mother came to me in a meditation and offered me the opportunity to channel Her. My whole Being said YES! I started small by channeling for friends. But as word spread I quickly expanded to offering Mother’s presence to individuals, and larger groups. After my son was born in 2008 I started taking my business online, so I could stay at home and share Mother’s love with people all over the world. In 2015 Mother led me to publish our first book together, Mother Mary's Pathway to Love. It was time to expand Her message even more. We now have a vibrant community of amazing individuals from all over the world that I'm honored and grateful to serve as I continue to grow in love and light. Your growth, blossoming, inner tsunami, awakening are like manna to my soul. I’m devoted to being the best channel I can be, and that means being consistent with my own inner transformation. I'm honored by your trust. It's my joy to serve. Mother Mary has served humanity as an aspect of Divine Mother for the last two thousand years. Her teachings are based on absolute love and devotion. She brings to each teaching the unconditional love and acceptance we all seek as human beings. Mother teaches that we are divine because we're human, not in spite of it. These classes with Mother are an opportunity to receive Her compassionate presence while opening to a new perspective on life. Her healing presence facilitates conscious awakening within your whole being. Join us as we open our hearts and minds to become free. We're so glad you're here. Love, Danielle
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