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Spring’s natural cycle of refreshing our spirit is tinged this year by Pluto going retrograde, meaning the force is with us to shed the outdated and unserviceable and reach high for our personal goals. A very big re-set can occur if we allow it! Other planetary forces combine to message us: “Aim high, operate more freely, and surrender to deeper change and bigger dreams.” In this experiential class, we’ll discuss the opportunity the last few days of April present, and you’ll be guided through a new meditation to help reach goals and get messages about your own well-being. Live psychic and tarot reading at the end of class for questions about letting go or reaching personal goals.
As a society we have learned to be many things to many people for many reasons. This can create a mis-understanding of our true self identity, the essence of who we really are. When our life is then changed by any number of things such as loss of job, aging, loss of loved ones, divorce, chronic illness, trauma, etc., that identity is most times challenged as well. We can feel lost, out of control, terrified of the changes that are likely to result, and stuck in self defeating patterns. Our emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual identities are all called into question. Therefore the courage to move forward into discovery of a different identity can be more painful than the comfort of staying where we are. Travel now with us on a journey to rediscover and reconnect to true self. Your True Self.
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Join this interactive coffee-chat and Q+A session. As a life-long empath and academic researcher who did not know I had mediumship abilities for a long time, I’m holding this session because I’ve had these very same questions in my journey. For me, scheduling a channeling session with a medium was pivotal to my path to begin trusting my own intuition and connection with my guides as well as universal intelligence. I now believe we all have these intuitive mediumship abilities. Our role is often to listen, trust and connect. Interested in learning more? Visit InterweavePeoplePlace.com for more info and how to book a session if interested.
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Elissa Heyman practices psychic counseling and spiritual healing in Santa Fe, New Mexico and internationally by phone. Her specialties are clairvoyant reading, divination, mediumship, and energy healing. With decades of professional experience, Elissa’s methods bring relief to her clients through the combination of accurate psychic insights, energy release work and spiritual healing, and counseling. Counseling includes guiding the client to quickly connect with their own intuition and its wisdom. Elissa is an expert with divination systems, and known for accurate and specific tarot readings. Another source of inspiration and information from Elissa is her psychic newsletter, with psychic predictions, horoscopes, travel stories, and well-being tips. She also posts regularly on her award-winning psychic blog, and contributes to print magazines and other websites. With a strong interest in self-healing tools and helping people access their own intuition, Elissa offers free guided meditations online. Their unique format is designed for people who only have a few minutes to spare. The most popular is “Call Yourself Up”. It gives the caller a way to learn contact their intuition and hear what it has to say. At various times throughout her career, the goal to inform and inspire has been expressed in astrology columns, radio features, intuition workshops, magazine articles, and through daily interactions with clients. Techniques and tools new and old are meant to help people raise their consciousness, understand themselves and what’s in their best interests, and become more open-hearted. Elissa Heyman is from Mill Valley, California, when Marin County was a bohemian enclave of beatnik poets, wild musicians, and talented artists. The creative stimulation and freedom that permeated the air gave a lot of permission to be oneself, as did Elissa’s mother, and develop whatever abilities lay within. The turn towards metaphysics came after a profoundly enlightening and accurate psychic reading at college, given by Eric Teissedre. Elissa was struck with how helpful his insights were compared to traditional counseling methods. Eric became her metaphysical teacher for the next fifteen years.
Transformation Guide| Gong Sound Journey Facilitator| Light Language Channel| Best-selling Author Maya began her own personal journey of transformation twenty years ago. Through the process of self-love, an awakening of an inner knowing revealed lifetimes of soul memory and a passion for her life's purpose as an Alchemist of Light and Sound. Her mission is focused on opening the heart and mind of humanity through Sound and Light Codes, by using frequencies to change each listener's brainwave state, which touches the deepest parts of each individual's being, and assists with overcoming long held resistances. Her harmonics, Light Code frequencies and Guidance help to ground her clients in heart-centred consciousness. We are all journeying together, as we walk our path of awakening, we merge our inner and outer worlds to create the world we all wish to live in for the wellbeing of everyone. Maya offers a 22 day mentoring program of transformation, shifting old patterns and behaviours through deep inner work and self-love practices, opening to new perspectives, through regular personal sessions for support, Light Language to raise frequency and the creation of a Personal Gong Sound Journey Track as ongoing support beyond the initial 22 day program.
www.intuitivebynature.com/ Bonnie Casamassima supports you in connecting with your guides as a medium and through fostering your wellbeing and intuition using interior design with biophilia, the healing psychology of our connection with nature, within your everyday spaces. Combining over a decade of research-driven experience, her Clairabilities and educational approach, she supports people in creating more vibrancy and connection within themselves and the spaces that surround their daily lives such as their homes and offices. She is the Founder of Intuitive By Nature and an Adjunct Professor of Interior Design. Bonnie is graduate of Jamie Butlers’ 22-week Mentorship Program where she honed her Clairabilities and connection with universal intelligence. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design from the Universality of Tennessee at Knoxville and a Master of Fine Arts degree within Interior Design focusing on Biophilia and Environmental Psychology from SCAD.
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