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In these interactive online meetings for health-oriented professionals, we explore the emerging 21st century view of health and wellness, and the evolving roles of therapists and practitioners as technology and access to information expands. These in-depth discussions focus on a wide range of bioenergetic wellness topics and provide a moderated forum for your explorations. NES Health concepts and scans feature prominently, and generally can be applied to any wellness field.
In this fast-paced skill building workshop, you'll gain expert knowledge in the clinical application of bioenergetic principles and refine your skills as a professional NES Health practitioner through case studies, guided scan analysis, and collaborative discussion. The class is unique in its pure focus on the clinical aspects of being a good bioenergetic practitioner - how to manage client interaction and build confidence, and how to interpret scans and put together effective protocols. This class meets weekly for one month, and each session builds on the previous class. Informal interim Q&A group meetings will be held between live sessions - schedules announced during class.
YOU have the power to reprogram unhealthy patterns and heal emotional wounds that lie beneath all pain states! Disease, illness, or symptoms develop when energy is blocked inside the body. Shara Ogin, Clairvoyant and Medical Intuitive will teach you how to unlock the secret messages of your body so you can step into a life that expresses the fullness of who you are! Based upon her Newly Released book, Unlocking the Body's Wisdoms; Accessing Your Healing Powers from Within. Shara's clients report that as a result of doing such work they experience an easing or a complete release from physical and emotional pain symptoms. There will also be an opportunity for people to inquire about their personal ailments, injuries, and diagnoses.
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I work as a bioenergetic wellness coach, trainer and technical consultant deep in the heart of south central Texas. I received a degree in classical Homeopathy from the Texas Institute for Homeopathy in San Antonio, Texas, and subsequently gained certification as a NES Health practitioner. I work remotely with folks in all regions of the country and beyond. I also research, train and lecture on a range of topics relating to bioenergetic wellness.
Shara Ogin currently works as an Intuitive Coach (Clairvoyant + Life Coach) and is most passionate about helping women to remove those invisible blocks and barriers that stand in the way of them accessing their highest light and potential. She is the author of 2 books and 5 DVD's on healing, and she currently runs 3 programs: A group coaching program, An intuition development program, and an online program titled "The Body That Heals Itself."
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