Steven North has always had a passion for music, ever since he can remember, he would be playing music, whether it was borrowing his father's vinyl collection, tape recording radio shows to make his own mix tape, there's always been a passion.

During his youth, he had the dream, the vision to be a DJ and he went on to do weddings, functions & parties in his late teens. This was put to a holt when he was offered a job at a restaurant and worked full time. Little did he know, his love for music and ...See All

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Spirit Guides 101 Learn about Spirit Guides directly from a Spirit Guide (Amy North) and Steven North (incarnate) as they talk about the exploration of connecting. This will be an informative session that will share experiences of life prior to meeting the Spirit Guide and how much life has changed since being consciously aware of the Spirit Guide.
The Heart Activation Music is a different approach to Sound Healing. In that it utilises scalar energy, crystals and consciousness within music. It is used today by practitioners to assist with their existing practices, it is used by individuals in their home and used in our sessions (which is more intense) both individually and group sessions. This FREE seminar will introduce you to the Heart Activation Music Sessions and how you can incorporate that into your day-to-day life, into your business and more. We'll discuss what it is about, what it can do for you and what it has done for me in my own personal journey into the discovery of "another way". Look forward to sharing this experience with you all.
Join the renowned Meline Lafont as she channels The Elohim of Light along with Amy & Steven North and their world first Heart Activation Music. INTRODUCTION Decoding & Transform the Mind is the short title for the DEcoding & DEactivation of the Human Mind which is a profound and powerful gift that has been provided by The Elohim of Light through the lovely Meline Lafont and when combined with the Heart Activation Music, it provides a remarkable and profound transformation tool for humanity. The Elohim of Light have provided humanity with the light codes to assist in the decoding & deactivation of the human mind in order for humanity to assist in the purification of the mind programming and code activation into God consciousness, along with the removing of the old codes of the mind matrix. Meline Lafont The human mind is an old system that creates much havoc for incarnates and can even cause problems when one is on the other side. If the human mind were to be transformed then the mind can be used in a different way. It can be harnessed and connected into the collective consciousness. - Archangel Metatron via Jocelyn Joy Thomas THE RESEARCH Steven North has been researching and has felt the first-hand experience of the impact that the Human Mind has had on incarnates. Self-worth, self-love, lack of confidence and other experience that were endured for a number of years and held firmly to the belief that there needed to be another way. There were many different areas of research, looking into ADD/ADHD, the DORE Foundation, BrainWave Entrainment, Binaural Frequencies to name a few. The Ascended Master Serapis Bey advised Steven North on February 2016, that the years spent living in a particular property was an in-depth study into the human mind and how it operated. It was discovered during this period of time that the human mind had limitations, it was narcissistic and it reminds us that we are unable to do things, that we are not good enough and how many times have we compared ourselves to another only to feel bad about ourselves? CONSCIOUSNESS & CODES Steven has been guided by spirit since his blast awakening and through this guidance, he discovered the use of crystal consciousness and energies, combined with binary frequencies provide an extraordinary tool to help reprogram the mind, heal past wounds, open the heart and to heal ourselves. This was when the development of the Heart Activation Music was created. The Heart Activation Music & Steven's curiosity with the mind led to the discovery of the attunement offered by Meline Lafont from Awaken Spirit from Within. Thus, with the prompting by Amy North (unaware at the time), the co-creation between Meline and Steven was birthed. The Elohim of Light provide the attunements to assist with decoding of the human mind and moving into the heart space. The Heart Activation Music utilises light frequencies & codes embedded into crystals to activate the heart and clear old wounds. The Elohim of Light will be embedding a specific symbol, shown to you during the session that will be embedded into your energy fields. It is within ALL of these layers that we reprogram The Human Mind. This is why The Heart Activation Music and The DEcoding & DEactivation of the Human Mind is so powerful. Together, they are working on multiple areas of the causal 4/7 system to help one with their Ascension. Human Energy Field. Retrieved January 21, 2017, From Pintrest.Com, Https://Au.Pinterest.Com/Mysticroselove/Human-Energy-Field/ CO-CREATION Through this co-creation by MEline Lafont & Steven North, you are able to transform your own mindset to live a fulfilled life, embrace unconditional love for self & others, engage in your life path and the list can grow on and on. This is truly a blessing for all of humanity. We highly recommend to have a minimum of six sessions so that the new systems and codes have integrated and this is entirely up to you to manage. This is about your own self-empowerment and we will not dictate what you must or must not do. The sessions will open with a brief discussion on the research, Steven & Amy's journey and provide techniques on how to alter the programming of your own mind, which includes a new ways of working with your Spirit Guide. We then begin listening to the attunement by Meline & immediately followed by The Heart Activation Music by Steven & Amy North that has been specifically created for this co-creation. The music that will be heard contains 9 layers of crystal codes as well as the consciousness of Ascended Master Lady Nada, Sananda & Amy North which has also been embedded within the energies of the music. A Theta binary frequency is also utilised within the audio. Please allow a minimum of 2 hours per session.