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#2 in the Best Practices in Best Practices in Energy Medicine Series The Meaning of Illness is Now an Open Book, Reference books cross-referencing illnesses and issues. Virtually unknown to the public, EIGHT excellent, peer-reviewd books exist correlating illnesses and mental-emotional issues as of 2015. It's now possible to simply look up the meaning of physical illnesses, the causative issues behind health concerns. Some combination of these mental-emotional issues is what oppresses your organs, tissues and cells. For persons with their own Healing Toolbox, they can simply get busy doing what you can to locate, address and resolve these issues. Muscle testing, kinesiology testing of any kind is the most convenient way to navigate to which issue is "live" in you. If you don't know where your Healing Toolbox is or what's in it, find an Intuitive Healing Coach, Health Intuitive or Medical Intuitive. Choose someone who works with Loving. Those interested in the mental-emotional meaning of illnesses tend to be, self-healers, self-muscle-testers, holistic practitioners, kinesiology practitioners, Medical and Health Intuitives, energy detectives of all kinds and anyone interested in what used to be called "psychosomatic medicine." Therapeutically useless and eccentric literature in this field does exist. This only highlights the eight best books.
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