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My name is Christine, or Sat Sevak Kaur (name given to me at the end of my yoga training). Sat Sevak means servant of truth, and it has been a fitting name for me. I try to get to the root of things and see through to the root causes and motivations behind what happens within us and around us.

I have a bachelors degree from NYU in Creativity and the Search for Meaning, and I am a Kundalini Yoga Teacher. I also have served with and under and studied with some amazing teachers, including Neale ...See All


Graduate of NYU 2008
Graduate of KYTA Kundalini Teacher Training Course
Reiki Healer II
Certificate in Green Medicine (Open Center- NYC 2011)

Experience and Distinctions

Over 7 years experience as Kundalini yogini and teacher.
Continued study in Herbal Medicine and natural healing methods.
Director of Golden Bridge Yoga NYC -2 years
Owner and Director of Old Soul Holistic

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Friday Jan 1, 2016
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On a soulful journey to learn more in the quest of universal oneness. Helping others heal spiritually is my goal.
Oregon,oh, USA
I'm a mom of 4, happy wife, and a Light Giver, Author, Writer and Love is my mission! Love, Kindness, and Gratitude are Unconditionally given. Blessings Everyone, Thank you for these Gifts of Light, paths, and adventures, for our every exchange, I am grateful for you.
Iowa, USA
Mansfield, MA, USA
Gently guiding you on the path to well-being, happiness, and enlightenment! I'm passionate about natural remedies, alternative therapies, and holistic practices. I strive to get to the root of illness in order to allow the client to heal on a deeper level, and I love fostering communication and learning in order to make the healing journey more personal and meaningful for both the client and the healer!
San Diego, USA
manhattan, ny, USA
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