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The Kent-Cook Institute, a school of metaphysics, mysticism and healing teaches the principles of metaphysics as they enjoin the principles of reality.

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The Kent-Cook Institute - Providing the path of special awareness upon which to journey through classes that Tune into alternate realities and Transcend limitations; A place inviting students asking the deepest questions; yearning to know the core truth of existence And for all who seek the wisdom and mastery of Spiritual Insight. KCI successfully prepares you to be a successful and effective medium working directly ...See All

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Yes, the video to the right has nothing to do with my course offerings and yet, everything to do with my life philosophy which influences what and how I teach. The world is an endlessly fascinating playground for me and it can be for you, too, no matter what your endeavor! My name is Samantha Love and I have lived a life of wonder, captivated by extra-ordinary moments in time. I am a clairvoyant, empath and certified medium, but my abilities were not always so pronounced. I had to work at developing them. I am also a marketing professional, web designer, photographer and videographer and an intuitive business coach. My path to spiritual development has most definitely been guided by books falling off shelves, "chance" meetings with an assortment of spiritual people and introductions into a variety of esoteric belief systems. It all comes to this...no one person can tell you that this is the way it is - You must seek out your truth for yourself. In this regard, I believe in Empowerment. Whether I am coaching a client via a psychic reading, connecting a client to a passed loved one, teaching a group class or guiding up-and-coming intuitives into their own abilities and businesses, I encourage all to open their hearts and their minds and believe in what resonates within them.
Bluffton, USA
I love to laugh, love life (mostly), have wonderful friends, I am the mother of two grown children- one living; one transitioned. I am a certified facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie and Certified in four levels of Akashic Records Reading. I am a seeker of more knowledge and understanding, strong desire to be a channel; new interest in developing myself as a medium.
Ft. Myers, FL, USA
Vidalia, USA
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