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Lee is the founder and creater of CorYoga. After 27 years of suffering severe low back pain Lee has had almost every treatment that one can think of for low back pain. None of these treatments were able to help him elliminate his pain. Lee then developed CorYoga and used it to heal himself and elliminate his low back pain. For the last 12 years Lee has had absolutely no back pain. He has used CorYoga to heal many of his students as well. See testimonials at his website. Lee is now ready to share his back pain healing and ...See All


Three Years study Physical Education at York University.
Certified Yoga teacher
Personal trainer

Experience and Distinctions

27 years experience severe low back pain
Last 12 years living without any back pain
23 years of experience teaching CorYoga.
Former YMCA instructor of "Y's Way to a Healthy Back" program

DVD: Office Yoga Oasis, and Golfers’ CorYoga
Iphone App: Office Yoga Oasis and Golfers’ CorYoga

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