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Chiara is a Life Alignment practitioner. Life Alignment is an extraordinary system that assists you to release the intense energetic and emotional charge that has accumulated in your body over your lifetime. It helps you to re-write your past, re-wire your brain and balance your auric field and move into alignment with your true essence.

Chiara’s path started casually with an Aikido lesson, where for the first time, she experienced energies in a conscious way. Curious and enthusiastic about this new discovery, Chiara first began her studies of Naturopathy, focusing on Chromo-therapy and Touch for Health. ...See All

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Judithann Walz is a former university and classroom teacher with over twenty years of experience. She has lived and taught around the world and is a big believer in building relationships and clear communication. She was also born a psychic-medium and possesses a deep knowing, can see, hear, taste, and feel energy, scents, and people who have crossed over. Although she was born with these skills, she has strengthened her relationship with her spirit team (God/Source, guides, angels, and archangels), which has increased her success in trusting her intuition and the information that is channeled to her. She holds a Bachelor’s in English, an MBA in Marketing, and is working towards her MFA in Creative Nonfiction. She also holds a Master Teacher certification in Reiki and is a Neurolinguistic Programmer (NLP).
Worcester, USA
Chattanooga TN, USA
I became a Reiki master and began learning energy work in 1999 and have trained in several modalities over the years and worked with many clients on many areas of life and healing. I am also certified in Magnified Healing and with the American Board of Hypnotherapy as a hypnotherapist. I began studying herbalism in 2012 and have been making medicine and growing medicine ever since. www.lumenoushealing.com is my website.
Atlanta, USA