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Amaya Victoria is a healer, channel, writer, facilitator of ceremonies, healing circles and spiritual development classes for adults and children, who also offers teaching specifically for the teachers and the healers.

Born gifted and graced with the ability to see, hear, and walk with spirit, she is a powerful healer who uses energy as well as indigenous practices, and sound. Amaya is also a clear channel for the divine oracles known as: Isaiah and the Group, and offers group or individual channeling.

Amaya's energy is very cathartic, causing movement and change whether she is channeling, facilitating ...See All


About Isaiah and the Group: 

Isaiah is an energy vortex that resides in the 9 th  to 12 th  dimensions.  Included in this council, are those who remain very close to the Godhead…master teachers, healers,
angels, and others who have lived on earth, all of whom have been assigned to help teach and lift those who come before them into the next stages of their growth. This council specifically designed a gathering of these levels of spirit and masters into
one vortex, with the intent of being able to be understood by all walks of ...See All

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Jayne Chilkes is an experienced Energy Healer, Soul Channel, Author, Teacher, Beyond Quantum Healer, Past Lives, Activation and Akashic Practitioner. She has been involved in the Healing Arts for forty years. She has written four spiritual books and articles for The Sedona Journal. Her main goal is to share Peace, Love, Wisdom, New Earth Tools and Channelled Information that she has received from the Masters, with All. http://miracleshappen.bookmark.com
Christina Gikas is a certified transpersonal hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, TimeLine therapist and teacher. She holds a BA in Psychology, a doctorate in Metaphysics (Msc.D.) and many certificates, including Parts Therapy and Relationship Specialist. She has studied with renowned professionals, including Joan Boreysenko, John Bradshaw, Tad James, and Dick Sutphen. Christina has presented her unique techniques to her colleagues at many hypnotherapy conferences since 2006, was selected one of the first five practitioners at the Quantum Healing Centre in Irvine, CA, and has been acknowledged by two authors: best-selling novelist, Alyson Noël in, Evermore, The Immortals who stated, “I couldn’t have written this book without the infinite generosity and wisdom of the following people: Brian L. Weiss, M.D., and Christina Gikas, who showed me a past I never could’ve imagined…” and by Tim Burnham in, The Cosmic Carwash, a journey of healing present day issues through past life regression. Additionally, Christina was awarded Excellence in Enlightenment at the 2011 IHF Conference, has been interviewed by radio hosts DJ Thornton on Morning Breeze, Bob Elias on Let’s Create a Better World and Carol Francis on Make Life Happen and provides pro bono services to veterans through HeartSpace in Irvine, CA.
So. California, USA
I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and clarcognizant. I am also an experienced astrologer, tarot reader, and counselor. In a reading I use my intuitive abilities and my experience to bring through loving insight and guidance to answer your questions and provide information that will assist you in making those choices that are aligned with your soul path and your greater good.
New York, USA
Laguna Hills, USA
Leila has 10 years of experience in the wellness industry. From teaching group classes, workshops, to public speaking or working with clients 1 x 1. Her passion for the healing arts and her years of experience networking in the field are put to use with Learn It Live in growing an aligned team of teachers/ambassadors and in assisting you in succeeding with your online business!
Atlanta, USA
My name is Leanne Holitza, I am an intuitive wellbeing coach and energy healing practitioner. My goal is to help people, who are aware they are energetic beings, to align themselves to their highest potential through the work of intention and energy clearing. I use my ability to see energy and thoughts to help you align with what you want in life. My gift is the ability to see your subconscious connections and help bring them back into consciousness. I teach classes and offer group healings to help empaths and energetically sensitive individuals find a way to protect their energy field so they can feel grounded in their own manifestation fields. I want to teach you how to know yourself in this way! I have been helping people clear their energy and find themselves again since 2007.
Broomfield, USA
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