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Spirit of the Gulf Coast developed as a volunteer documentary project that continues to raise awareness of the ongoing impacts of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and how the people along the coast demonstrate their resilience in light of adversity. Through this initiative, our team seeks to engage interested citizens in a deeper discussion on the complexities of energy use, personal consumption, and how each of us play a part in the system that ultimately led to the largest oil spill in US history.



Our mission is to raise awareness of the complex issues surrounding oil dependence and how we each have a role to play in preventing these disasters in the future. We want to ultimately inspire people to take steps in their own lives to reduce their consumption of oil and oil-intensive products and services, and help them mitigate their overall impact on the larger system.

We believe that solutions begin with each of us making mindful choices in our daily lives and staying informed on the challenging issues that our society faces. After all, the spill not only ...See All

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