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Cost: $300 USD
End Date
End Date
Sun Dec 4 at 06:55 am EST
Meets For
Meets For
22 Session(s)
Subject Area
Subject Area
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About This Class
This certification includes 10 of Andrea's classes on holistic cooking remedies for healthy organs and knowledge for healing the body using food and herbs.

To receive the certification you must view each video and take the accompanying test. The system will automatically grade your tests and pass you when you complete them satisfactorily.
After finishing all components of the certification you will receive a certificate from the AB Academy and Learn It Live.

The 10 classes include:
Cooking for Heart Health
Cooking to Support Kidneys
Healing Candida
Supporting ...See All
Additional Information
This certification is ideal for nutritionists, holistic health professionals, personal chefs, and any health professional looking to take care of people via a holistic food and herbal approach rather than using prescription medication.