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Thu Dec 10 at 01:00 pm EDT
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About This Class
You are not yourself! You are always interconnected with other people, exchanging, absorbing and giving energy. We are all connected. This workshop, previously called Energy Affects, explores the beauty and the beastliness of being intuitive creatures.

Studies show that we often unknowingly take on each other's moods. They call this an "emotional contagion." We've all heard that a smile is contagious, but unfortuantely, so is a frown. We pick up non verbal signals from each other and can begin to emulate them if we are not aware. We are all much more affected by each other than ...See All
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My name is Christine, or Sat Sevak Kaur (name given to me at the end of my yoga training). Sat Sevak means servant of truth, and it has been a fitting name for me. I try to get to the root of things and see through to the root causes and motivations behind what happens within us and around us. I have a bachelors degree from NYU in Creativity and the Search for Meaning, and I am a Kundalini Yoga Teacher. I also have served with and under and studied with some amazing teachers, including Neale Donald Walsh, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Amy Beilharz, and Janice Corsano. Each of these teachers has taught me more our world and how to live a more fully and happy life. As someone who has had depression and still battles anxiety, finding effective methods of managing stress, and feeling better has been incredibly important. I have been on my path for over 15 years and feel that I am now equipped to take some of what I have learned and teach it to a wider audience. I am also very interested in, and take pleasure in relaying, how our psychology works and what ways we can use our biology to greatest effect. Research in this area is ongoing, and very exciting.
Fairfield, USA
Monroe, USA
New York, USA