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Wed Jun 15 at 12:20 am EDT
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1 Session(s)
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Stream the light of your soul directly onto your daily life. The Akashic Records are a dimension empowering our authentic growth and development into consciously soul-led beings. Join Dr. Linda Howe for this live, online event – no matter where in the world your feet are!

Dr. Linda Howe will lead with a meditation from her new comprehensive guide, The Akashic Records Revealed. In conversation with Steffany Barton, they'll discuss real-world challenges, both personal and universal. Discover how engaging in the Akashic Records can be like jet fuel accelerating our liberation from perceived limitations. Ignite your Soul's ...See All
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My name is Sidney and I work at Learn It Live. I instruct on the use of Learn It Live and the virtual classroom for instructing online classes and events. Send me a message if you have any questions about Learn It Live.
Atlanta, USA
ny, USA
Whitehall, USA
Tatiana is committed to sharing the illuminating power of the Akashic Records and beyond, her dedication to uplifting humanity is unparalleled. She exudes gift and skill that support an individual in aligning with their highest potential. Through her own Akashic Record Readings, she has experienced deep, empowering personal healing that turned her directly toward her soul-filled purpose—to invite others to unfold their true selves, on a soul-level, to allow their inner light to shine authentically and free. Her enthusiasm and joyful spirit are infectious. She's truly one of a kind. Tatiana is an experienced and devoted mother and grandparent to four sons, two grandsons, two family dogs, and many many plants. With deep gratitude, she thanks them all and you for choosing to be on Earth together at this time.
Solvang, USA
✨On a spiritual journey of love and light.⭐️ Being mindful ❤️Believing in miracles.⭐️Living my life one day at a time ❤️Creating my own happiness ❤️ Being grateful ⭐️Letting go of my fears ✨Being human ⭐️ Embracing my mistakes ✌️Learning daily ✨ Expanding my consciousness ❤️With love compassion & respect for Gia ✌️✨
California , USA
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