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Cost: $25 USD
End Date
End Date
Mon Oct 3 at 04:30 pm EST
Meets For
Meets For
25 Session(s)
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About This Class
The CONFIDENCE CLUB is a private club. Members will meet weekly, on Wednesday nights at 10 pm. The annual fee is 25$
The CONFIDENCE CLUB was created to educate, support, encourage, modivate and assist our Lifewave members for their success both in patching and buliding their Lifewave Business.
Testimonials will be shared and answers will be provided concerning the elearning training "7 step to success" of www.bettyaslanis.gr
Members of the Club will be able to interact and communicate.
Ethos is a primary principle among the members of this club.
Members of the B. Aslanis Training Team
Additional Information
Study of the elearning training "The 7 steps to success" via www.bettyaslanis.gr