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When a human being has a difficult beginning in life, for whatever reason � the repercussions of these difficulties and hardships can, and often do, traumatize the child and create challenges in every part of their life experience. Often a traumatized child displays emotional issues, behavioral problems and developmental delays in any number of areas. But what�s really at the root of all this?
ATN�s �It All Started With Trauma,� the 1st in the Essentials of Therapeutic Parenting webinar series, takes a close and parent-friendly look at the nature, causes, and symptoms of early childhood trauma.
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Lexington, KY, USA
I am an international expert in the field of child trauma and attachment, and the author of Becoming a Family: Promoting Healthy Attachments with Your Adopted Child, a well-received book on adoption. I designed and teach a program for helping children heal from community trauma. Also, I developed and teach the STAT™ (Synergistic Trauma and Attachment Model) of therapeutic treatment, and created and ran a multi-modal mental health clinic specializing in healing developmental trauma. Currently I offer workshops and trainings for parents and professionals, returning recently from one such teaching trip in India. I run a regular column in Fostering Families Magazine, and write for other magazines and journals. My love has always been about children, as a Mom, an elementary school librarian, a school principal, a school psychologist, and now as a psychotherapist, consultant and educator for children and families when trauma is in their life’s picture. I am married to a physical therapist and work partner, Bob Patterson, and have lived in Chestertown since my marriage to Bob in 2004. You can find out more about my work at www.larkeshleman.com
chestertown, MD, USA
Sebastopol, CA, USA
Harrison, USA
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