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About This Class
The Mindful Soul Series is the heart creation of world-renown medium Jamie Butler and Adaeze Adigweme, MD, MPH. This series utilizes principles of mindfulness, self-compassion, physiologic awareness, positive psychology, and executive coaching principles to support you in cultivating a heart-centered way of life, both personally and professionally. By the end of our time together, our goal is to optimize the alignment of your core values, inherent strengths, and soul purpose with our daily lives.

Adaeze and Jamie will each be teaching one class a week for a total of 14 interactive hours of live-streaming material. Adaeze is ...See All
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Richardson, USA
I am a 53-year-old single mom raising two teens and running my own consulting business. With a degree in journalism, I have worked as an executive-level marketing, communications and public relations professional for almost 20 years. Since I was a young girl, I immersed myself in the metaphysical world, holistic healing, and studied a variety of religions. I astral projected since I was a young girl until my late teens when I think life took over and my priorities shifted. I believe I am still doing this work in my sleep. Through Jamie Butler's teachings, I have been developing and can better define my clair senses. I would say that Claircognizance (knowing) is my strongest, but I also have visions during meditation and sleep. I have heard spirit randomly, and it typically scares me, so I am sure that is why I don't hear them regularly. It's always alarming. HA HA! I have developed a strong interest in Reiki healing, and clearing chakra blockages through tuning forks and sound healing. I got a Reiki 1, 2 and Master certification through Jamie Butler. Trying to stay grounded and positive and utilizing my guides and angels for guidance, protection and support. I am gaining so much spiritual growth at this time in my life through Jamie Butler and other spiritual leaders. I feel like I am making up for lost time and in hyper-speed in my spiritual growth and development. I don't know where this journey will take me, but I just follow my heart and intuition. I think we are calling this awakening, ascension or something like that. Loving the journey I am on.
Sacramento, USA
Chiara is a Life Alignment practitioner. Life Alignment is an extraordinary system that assists you to release the intense energetic and emotional charge that has accumulated in your body over your lifetime. It helps you to re-write your past, re-wire your brain and balance your auric field and move into alignment with your true essence. Chiara’s path started casually with an Aikido lesson, where for the first time, she experienced energies in a conscious way. Curious and enthusiastic about this new discovery, Chiara first began her studies of Naturopathy, focusing on Chromo-therapy and Touch for Health. But the real change occurred when she finally met Life Alignment in 2010. Chiara no longer felt alone and no longer thought “It was me against the world.” As a result, Chiara felt the connection to the energy and support of her ancestors and found her place in the Universe. Chiara became a practitioner in 2016. Since then, her love for this technique continues to grow as the system evolves. She shares this precious technique with the rest of the world, and at the moment, is a tutor at the Life Alignment Academy in Turin.
Dr. Adaeze is a healer, coach, physician, wellbeing strategist, and alignment activist. She specializes in serving individuals who suffer from burnout, high levels of stress, perfectionism, and imposter syndrome. She combines her medical expertise with research-based positive psychology principles, mindfulness practice, mind-body integration techniques, and coaching frameworks to assist her clients in understanding the mental and physical impacts of stress, establishing mind-body connection, as well as gaining clarity on inherent strengths, purpose, core values, and limiting mindsets. With this information , she partners with her clients to execute an action plan in order to decrease stress, increase resiliency, and strategically accomplish their goals in alignment with their deepest intentions. ALIGN with your deepest intentions. ASPIRE with purpose. ACT with clarity.
Atlanta, USA