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Cost: $480 USD
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Tue Jun 22 at 03:13 am EST
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4 Session(s)
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About This Class
In this fast-paced skill building workshop, you'll gain expert knowledge in the clinical application of bioenergetic principles and refine your skills as a professional NES Health practitioner through case studies, guided scan analysis, and collaborative discussion.

The class is unique in its pure focus on the clinical aspects of being a good bioenergetic practitioner - how to manage client interaction and build confidence, and how to interpret scans and put together effective protocols.

This class meets weekly for one month, and each session builds on the previous class. Informal interim Q&A group meetings will ...See All
Please read "Decoding the Human Body-Field" by Peter Fraser.
Additional Information
This class is suitable for any wellness professional incorporating bioenergetic health principles in their practice. Class sessions will be divided into two 90-minute segments, with one 30-minute break. Class attendance is limited to 25 souls.

Class Syllabus

Week One:
-Bioenergetic Principles
-Language and Focus: Intellect and Heart of the Practitioner

Week Two:
-Healing Cycles and Emotional States
-Brain Holograms and Energetic Terrains

Week Three:
-Body-Field Structure
-Understanding Patterns

Week Four:
-Using Infoceuticals
-Working with the miHealth
...See All
Learners Enrolled (16)
san antonio, USA
My wife, Jewel, and I have been NES practitioners for a year and are looking to up level our knowledge and effectiveness. I have been in health and wellness for 22 years.
Ashland, USA
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