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Kelley Hunter
Holistic Science > Astrology
Recorded: Jul 27, 2018 at 08:15 pm EDT
This is a time to remember Mermaids (and the FishMan) that sing to ancient ancient memory so deep. Dive in and meet several mermaids that are surfacing in our cosmic consciousness now. Naturally, sea people live in all the water signs, as you know if you are Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. We'll also visit specific mer people connected to various celestial bodies. Have you heard of sparkling Salacia, sea sprite Namaka, shapeshifting Chariklo or remote Sedna? You might find they are personally meaningful to you. I'll include basic tables to locate them in your chart. This is intended as an inspirational, mythic exploration, lightly suggestive on astrological interpretation. I encourage you to find your own flow of storyline. Do you know the real story of The Little Mermaid?
Venus has invited each of us in to our own SECRET GARDEN, encouraging us to deepen our emotional intelligence and our capacity for joy and delight. In this series we will gather in a shared garden, for five sessions, to follow the current cycle of Venus retrograde through its completion on May I8. I will review and amplify the material presented in the HONEY in the HEART webinar, sharing insights from my continuing research, along with resonant artistic images. [If you haven't viewed HONEY IN THE HEART, you are welcome to do so, however it is NOT a requirement.] In this small circle and extended meeting time, there will be ample opportunity for addressing personal charts. Each of you will learn more about : *Your Venus at birth: its sign, its house, its phase (morning or evening star, etc); * Positions of your repeating 8-year Venus pentangle pointst * Your progressed Venus—has it turned direction, changed sign or house since you were born? We will follow the unfolding schedule of this particular Venus cycle, with its power days, new and full Moons, planetary interactions (including a Mercury retrograde). I am excited to explore the richness of Venus with you, as we follow her trail of heart and learn from each other in our shared garden of Venus. PLEASE MESSAGE YOUR BIRTH INFORMATION TO ME WHEN YOU REGISTER.
There are many mythic stories of the goddess descending to the Underworld. What happens there? These stories are based on the movement of the Love planet Venus through the sky. is soon turning retrograde. Brilliant now in the evening sky, Venus turns back toward the Sun on March 4, descending below the horizon to disappear in the light of the Sun, pulling us deep into her golden-pink heart. The cycle of Venus is highly aesthetic. Every 8 years, Earth's sister planet goes retrograde 5 times, drawing a 5-pointed star around the zodiac. She continually revisits the same 5 places in our charts for re-evaluation and enrichment. This particular cycle starts in the fiery sign of Aries, inviting us into personal process of emotional alchemy for greater authenticity, joy and sweetness in our lives. Taking time to relish the love honey in our hearts will enhance all relationships. I invite you to join us to prepare for your journey!