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Roar out to the universe and call the Divine Masculine Energies of this Summer Solstice into your life! Divine male energy is balanced, protective and wise, something this world is needing right now! Come join us as we dance around the Medicine Wheel this Summer Solstice to help open the gate of sun energy into our hearts. This ceremony is Free and recorded to share with your community.
Come join us as we celebrate the Spring Equinox and the awakening magic of this powerful Spring of 2022. Learn how you can create a new relationship with your magical self as you call upon your magic past lives. This ceremony will include a great guided meditation for all levels of experience and will be recorded.
Spiritual journeying is an ancient practice used to connect deeply with your own spirit and the spiritual world around you. In this level one class you'll learn about spiritual awareness, spiritual sensitivity, and how to discern the spiritual plane through a spiritual journey. You'll identify your spiritual ally. There will be time for Q & A and to ask specific questions about the experience of your journey.
Come Join In Energy for Empaths. This Class is designed for the highly sensitive empath to receive healing energy. You'll learn level one techniques for balancing, recharging, and receiving spiritual ingights through energetic awareness. All empaths are welome and invited to explore healing energy.
Several studies have scrutinized different forms of distance healing such as prayer, intention, and sending positive energy. Come learn the basics and traditional viewpoint of distance healing. Receive healing energy if needed and ask for someone else. Class led by Courtney Marchesani, intuitive-empath.
Manifest What’s Possible in 2022 What can I do today for myself and others that will make me happy?  How do I identify my soul’s work and manifest it at this time when the way we do things seems to have been turned upside down?  How do I learn to love myself, others and the entirety of humanity?  Join Dr. Linda Howe for this FREE one hour experience. Infuse your new year with inspiration. Find out what's possible for your through the Akashic Records including: • Tapping into your  infinite wisdom and goodness – using Akashic Light • Identifying your destiny, soul's purposes and obstacles • Clearing obstructions, finding freedom and manifesting your truth • Being supercharged with meaning, purpose and fulfillment In these times of dramatic change, your soul’s gifts are exactly what this world needs.  Free yourself from limiting patterns – and clear obstructions from your destiny to realize your full potential.
Come join in this Winter Solstice ceremony celebrating the end of the year and the return of the light. Light, Love and Consciousness is so needed on the planet right now! In this free ceremony dance around the medicine wheel and receive insight for your journey into the new year of 2022! This class will be recorded and is open to anyone wanting to connect to Spirit and gently connect to their spirit guides.
As the season changes and you find yourself turning within call out to your guardian wolf spirit ready to guide you through your forest of the heart. Discover your spirit wolf guide in this Fall Equinox ceremony to find new strength, protection and a powerful spirit guide to help you navigate this crazy world. This class will be recorded
Science in general, and medicine in particular, have made remarkable strides in the past 100 years. The number of diseases we have eliminated is staggering, and this is to be celebrated. But a side-effect of this advancement is that we have collectively become dependent on medications and drugs for even the most minor of discomforts, and many people would classify this dependence as a form of addiction. While the presence of symptoms can help with a diagnosis, many doctors and healing practitioners these days tend to rely almost totally on symptoms, and stop well short of examining root causes to try and deal with the real source of the ailment. Consequently, the treatment may alleviate the symptoms, but often does nothing to provide an actual cure. Perhaps it is time for a new pathway to healing. Given that most medicines and drugs of today are derived from treatments that can be traced back to herbs and flowers and other plants, it makes sense for us to consider the foods we eat in a new way. My guest for the upcoming episode of Life Mastery TV, Karie Cassell, has been a dietician for 30 years, and she believes she has one answer that can be a game-changer for everyone, and she is going to share some of her wisdom on this subject. Here’s what’s on the menu: * The Domino Diet Formula * Body Renewal * Hormones First, Feelings Second. * Balance Your Tires! Come join us as we "put the 'Heal' back in health"!
The tarot, psychic astrology, and the spirits on what to expect this Summer, and how to be in harmony with the season's dramatic forces. Live psychic and tarot readings - the coast is clear, Mercury is direct, bring questions about your Summer plans and beyond! We'll end with a guided meditation so that your own intuition can tell you what's important for you to know now.
Come join us as we celebrate the Summer Solstice with a ceremony to help you release this last year and renew your life in a new direction. Embrace the sun and feel the warmth and light as you dance around the medicine wheel finding insight into this next part of the year. This free ceremony will be recorded so you can listen any time over the Summer Solstice weekend.
(Rescheduled from April). Of all the ways of learning about life, one of the most interesting is the phenomenon of signs and omens, when it appears the universe is talking to you, and guiding you with its cryptic messages. We'll discuss developing a rapport with the world about, and the difference between everyday communication that people experience, and the appearance of pivotal signs and omens. Also, how to take an "omen walk." Live tarot and psychic readings... April was a month that according my psychic newsletter, generated a lot of signs and omens in peoples' lives... I wonder if that was true for LearnItLive learners?!
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