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Resolved to address your recurring pain this year? Integrated Positional Therapy can help! Integrated Positional Therapy (IPT) is a gentle approach to eliminate pain at its root cause—muscle imbalances in our bodies. Learn what to stretch, what to strengthen, and how to slacken muscle tension to release pain and restore energy. If your back, hips, neck or shoulders complain regularly, these simple tools can change your life. Join Pain Specialist & Certified IPT Professional Ginny Hamilton for an informative and practical 3-week series of classes. Part presentation, part gentle movement practice, the tools in these classes can be practiced seated or standing and are suitable for all fitness abilities. In these 3 classes, we will: • Identify muscle imbalances in your body that may cause pain • Practice specific exercises to bring your body into balance • Experience lasting relief from low back pain, sciatica, neck and shoulder pain, and more • Learn gentle stretches & 90-second muscle release techniques you can do on your own to prevent pain from returning • Join once or join all 3 to learn body balancing basics and specific interventions for low back pain and neck and shoulder pain
Do you ever wonder why so many are struggling with mental health issues? Lynch shares her experiences with the spirit world and what it has shown her personally and in channeling sessions. Spirit has shared we are a spiritually deprived society and the consequences of this. Topics discussed will be anxiety, addiction, depression and how to heal. Scheduled monthly meditation will follow at 9 PM EST.
Do you want to feel closer to loved ones in spirit? Would you like to become more aware of their guidance? If it seems that those you love in spirit are beyond your reach, the good news is that there are simple things you can do to feel closer to them. In this workshop, learn how to optimize your connection to loved ones in spirit so that you don�t miss their messages. Learn how simple daily �check ins� can keep the messages flowing and current. Learn how to create a system for tracking how spirit messages have helped support the changes in your life.
Life continues beyond death. However, when we lose someone, it may seem as though they're out of reach. In this introductory session to the Life with Spirit Series, Medium Hollister Rand shares simple ways to connect with those you love in spirit. What is the best way to invite the spirits into your life? How can you protect yourself from unhealthy spiritual influences? Hollister will guide you through easy exercises and short meditations to help you live a happier, healthier and more connected life.