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Janice Corsano
Recorded: Apr 04, 2016 at 05:00 pm EDT
This past life regression guided hypnotherapy class will take you back to a life that is relevant to your life now. We will discover what lessons you are working on in this life from that life, and you will see what people and relationships from your past life have followed you into this life. This can be really helpful for any problems you are currently experiencing. You'll be able to see that the past life may be influencing this life through your soul mate connection. Soul mates are many, and can play different roles in our lives. Come see who is with you from your past, and why they may be bringing up challenging feelings in you. Please bring a journal or something to write on/with for this class.
Everything is energy and we are all connected by it! In this class, author and Holistic Alternative Psychology Practitioner, Janice Corsano, discusses the basics of our energetic connection to each other in preparation for her classes on how to manage these connections in later classes, Energy Affects and Creating Healthier Connections.