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Greetings Beautiful Beings Of Perfect & Radiant Health, Are you tired of feeling drained, depleted & exhausted absorbing toxic energies from people, places, or situations that are not serving your highest good in this reality? Our bodies are infinitely aware & conscious of everyone & everything around us & are always sending us messages and signs that we don't always pay attention to. When we tune in & listen to its wisdom, we get to speak to all of our body parts & ask for clarity and to be shown what needs to change so we can enjoy living in our bodies (not our busy brains) all the time! So when was the last time you communicated with the eternal & ancient wisdom of your body? On this call, we'll be re-visiting the origin of the trauma that created your pain, & unlock the energetic blockages held in your tissues & systems. Once you become aware & allow yourself to feel those buried feelings & unresolved emotional content, you can release the dis-ease & dis-harmony to the vastness of infinite consciousness just by embodying the energies of ease, grace, and flow. Join Vandana to receive powerful clearings to transmute pain, stress, and trauma into peace, joy, and harmony. Your birthright is to experience vitality, infinite energy flows, & radiant health. Once you choose to consciously release all the debris and clutter you've been storing in your luminous light body, you can raise your vibration higher than you ever dreamed possible for you and your ancestors. During this 1 hour healing activation & divine light transmission, you can restore your pranic life force energies & feel rejuvenated, regenerated, & revitalized!!! Most of us are feeling intense shifts & experiencing some pretty challenging times this year. We desire to break free & get unstuck from unconscious programming of stress, struggle, & limitations but don't know how or haven't been shown the way out of the matrix into co-creating a greater reality. If you're tired of being sick and tired, then this is the perfect class to sign up for & claim your perfect health again...your natural state of being:) It's your divine birthright & spiritual inheritance to naturally vibrate from the state of self-love, peace, joy, and gratitude as everything is truly a gift and a blessing no matter how we tend to judge it. You have the power to change anything that limits the quality of your life!!! In this class, you will receive a powerful self-love & gratitude healing attunement with powerful symbols, colors, and sounds from the accelerated light healing beings who are always available to accelerate your health and well-being. All you have to do is lie back and receive! Here's to your perfect & radiant health & well-being! See you on the call! Enjoy this video to get you through the holidays with ease, joy, & grace: https://youtu.be/sy91JG7ng3s Accelerated Light Blessings, Vandana Atara Aura Co-Creator Of Accelerated Light Healing Http://Vandanalighthealing.com Updated for translation.
Experience the healing benefits first hand by Pamela Dussault, founder of the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and BodyWork (NCBTMB) accredited REAP Healing Method! This FREE event will introduce you to this breakthrough energy healing method and experience REMOTELY how effective this method truly is.
Bring your questions about how to clear or transmute negative or lower energies that are in your personal or living spaces. Diana has been clearing and healing complex energy of all kinds including poltergeists, dark entities, obsessed lovers, spirit attachments, lower vibrations such as emotional in the aura (energy field), Portals, Black Holes, Parallel lives, lower ET's, possessions, and so many more in the time she has been on this path. Diana is able to heal these when it is in the highest good because she has a clear connection with Source and can hear how to proceed with each unique individual case. If no one has been able to help you with these energies or you are an energy healer, medium, or other light worker that would like more experience in this area, then join us for this session. Please submit your questions ahead of time if possible.
Helena Montelius
Recorded: Jan 21, 2016 at 03:00 pm EST
Welcome to experience this simple, yet profound tool for releasing stress and pain, finding clarity and compassion, turning around and opening your mind in any situation or relationship. The Work helps you identify, question, see through and be released from the limiting beliefs that blocks you from living in peace with an open heart. The Work consists of 4 profound inquiry questions that will help you unravel your truth, your inner wisdom and all the answers you need. The Work is practiced in over 30 countries and shared in hospitals, prisons, schools and corporations. Learn more at www.thework.com Eckhart Tolle has said: Byron Katie�s Work acts like a razor-sharp sword that cuts through illusion and enables you to know for yourself the timeless essence of your being. Bring any stressful situation or relationship to class and Helena will guide you to more compassion, harmony and clarity.
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Ditch those pesky New Year's resolutions which are usually broken before the end of January. Try a new, creative approach by learning how to set intentions that can serve you for life. Peggy Sealfon teaches clear steps for establishing your personal intentions which allow you to flourish more effortlessly and productively for years.
This class will discuss who spirit guides are (in general) and how they can assist you. Many try to connect with their guides, but may be connecting to their own mind and false beliefs thereby following misguided advice. I will offer steps in connecting with your authentic guides and how to feel the difference between false guides, real guides, and your own mind.
Myndee Joan Garrett
Recorded: Jan 05, 2016 at 06:30 pm EST
In this class you will discover four keys for unblocking your Sacred Light within, enabling you to create your best year ever! You are a powerful creator. With these four modalities, you can unearth your shimmering radiance so that your Sacred Light will be the Leader of your Life! I hope you will join me on this path of self discovery!
Fe Murray
Recorded: Jan 04, 2016 at 09:00 pm EST
How do you initially respond to drastic, unexpected changes? If it is not "gracefully" , consider a radical response. This simple strategy might make a difference in how you handle Life's ups and downs.. GENERAL OUTLINE: REFRAMING: What is the reality? USING STILLNESS: Getting centered NEUTRAL EXPECTATIONS: Our preferences vs. What is best CALMING TASKS: Do what is in front of you FOLLOWING A CLUE FROM OUT OF NOWHERE: Recognition of truth REAPING GLOBAL BENEFITS: The solution is never just about us.
Want to take back more control from your illness and live a more relaxed, balanced and fulfilling life? This FREE introductory class explains how learning meditation, mindfulness and relaxation skills can help you do just that. It also includes the popular guided chocolate meditation!
shaman Wendi Morrison, CCT
Spirituality > Shamanism
Recorded: Jan 03, 2016 at 03:00 pm EST
For the seeker who finds themselves stuck in the ether, this is boot camp for the soul. We'll address extreme sensitivity, feeling different than others, even "targeted"; self healing modalities, and empowerment!
In this class we will cover detoxification (of the body) and include info on other ways you can detox your life and help you manifest what you want in 2016...
Weekly support group for people with energy limiting chronic illness focused on self-directed healing. Do you believe that you can and will get better? Do you trust that with enough support your body will find a way to heal itself? Is meditation part of your self-help/healing strategy? If you're taking responsibility for your own healing and well-being but would like to connect with others on a similar path this could be the group for you.
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