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Students will learn how to develop good interpersonal communication, empathic experiential intimacy, and true love. They will also learn how to overcome the ego's conscious and subconscious resistance against good relationships and true love. Students will also learn how to recognize their true soul-mate (twin flame) and soul family, and how to apply principles of spiritually awakened and psychologically healthy relationships to the further development of their individual creative potentials and the compassionate beneficial transformation of society.
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In order to move forward in our lives with prosperity, joy, and grace we first must release that of which holds us back. In this introductory class, participants will learn the principles of how energy affects them, both positively and negatively. They will learn techniques on how they can better balance their own energetic system, and participate in a short meditation where they will receive energy healing. Energetic Balancing and Realignment is a transformational healing modality that has been highly successful with both the general public and with professionals in the field. These techniques have dynamically shifted others who have felt "lost" with the direction their life has taken or with blocks that occur at the physical, emotional, or spiritual level. Discover what it means to move beyond what holds you back body, mind, and soul. Lynne's ability to lead sessions with compassion, humor, and respect has helped participants overcome the fear and frustration experienced when they don't know the answers or which direction to take. For maximum benefit please be sure to be in a room or space where you will not be interrupted by either people or electronic devices. What to bring to your session: Bring a focus on what aspect of your life you feel the most "blocked" or have difficulties moving forward with. Pen/Paper (optional).
Navigate your Subconscious Mind to Achieve Abundance with Diana Kushenbach Join us to learn to maneuver through the mind, the subconscious, and above to properly manifest your divine mission through the power of Alchemy. (We will be working with Diana's subconscious pendulum chart (bring a pendulum if you have one or a necklace or anything that hangs on a string or chain) that will be published in Diana's next book) email Diana at [email protected] to receive the chart ahead of time When you are guided how to work though the different levels of the subconscious, you will sit in a silent meditation for 15 minutes. This is a process that takes dedication, silence, and a new way to access information. I look forward to sharing this new information with you, Diana www.policeintuitive.com www.enochiantablets.com