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Meditation ~ Join me the 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month for a free meditation. This is great for kids and teens to!
Barbara Hopperstad
Wellness Talks
Recorded: Nov 16, 2016 at 01:30 pm EDT
What do meaning and purpose have to do with well-being? Everything! In this webinar you will learn how to bring more intention and meaning into your day to day life.
This monthly prayer circle is for ALL. Bring your friends! Every month we start with a guided meditation to heal and uplift the energy body, preparing our BODIES for shifts in consciousness and the new energies coming in that may be destabilizing the body or preparing the body for 2018. In the second part of the call, each participant will TYPE their prayers in the chat and the group will receive GOLDEN ORB deeksha (aka a divine energy to enhance your prayers and make them happen naturally). We will enhance each person's prayer requests or manifestations and build your consciousness, enhance your transformation and energy body. Participants can join by phone or via web conference. The ONLY part of the video that is recorded is the beginning meditation. ALL PRAYERS are kept PRIVATE i.e not recorded.
Imelda Almqvist
Spirituality > Shamanism
Recorded: Jun 07, 2016 at 03:15 pm EDT
This class follows on from the The DREAMING of SAP Rising USA! on Tuesday 24th May. In the first class we explore how we all dream the world into being and how we dream intentionally as a group, accessing a larger collective dream. As this course has a strong Mystery School aspect we set a strong intention to dream together for two weeks, keeping a dream journal. During this second class we invite everyone to return to share their dreams: what is being brought to our attention? What themes and commonalities have appeared? We discuss how oneiric work (dream work) is tradtionally used in shamanic communities. Our focus is NOT on interpreting dreams but on mirroring dreams: a sharing in non-judgmental space, where only the dreamer can understand the multiple layers of meaning in a dream - but others offer a sacred mirror though the telling of their own dreams. All welcome! Even if you missed the first class - this will be a very interesting and innovative class!
The energy behind your thoughts is what we refer to as our emotion (energy-in- motion). Understanding emotion is a crucial part in your path to growth. Join this class to gain insight and clarification to better understand yourself and those around you.
Ki McGraw and Bob Smith
Ended: May 28, 2016 at 03:30 pm EDT
In the first meditation Bob Smith and Ki McGraw will use the breath as a bridge to an exploration consciousness. Breath, concentration and contemplation exercises will be carefully led by Bob and Ki and it will be a fascinating meditation.
In this exciting inter-active class we start dreaming our way into the 2 year Sacred Art Practitioner Training at Pendle Hill in the USA! This course has a strong Mystery School aspect. Many spiritual schools of thought teach that we all co-dream the world into being. My co-teacher Susan Rossi and I now wish to take this concept one step further and invite a group of interested people to start dreaming this course into being outside time. We will be looking for the following things: what themes are coming to attention - meaning that they crop up collectively? Are there other questions and intentions we need to dream on as a group to prepare ourselves for doing top quality work at Pendle Hill from January? Here in London I do a lot of dream work with groups of students and I am blown away every time by the layers of meaning and treasure trove of inspiration our dreams offer collectively. And once we start dreaming as a group - our dreams get even more powerful! For more information, please visit: https://flyingtotheheart.com/ http://www.shaman-healer-painter.co.uk/info2.cfm?info_id=214851
This class follows on from the free Introduction Class on 16 April that was part of the Spring Symposium. In this class I present in more detail how to run a shamanic program for children and teenagers. I will also discuss the guiding principles for individual work and interventions with young people. At the end I will leave time for answering questions people may have. Have you run into issues doing spiritual work with young people? Bring the questions to class!
Vicki Snyder
Recorded: Apr 23, 2016 at 10:30 am EDT
Grab a cup of coffee and sign on to chat with a me a medium. Take this time to ask questions about your own spirituality. Are you experiencing anything odd or different at home or work? Are you getting signs from the other side? What can you do to grow? Ask these and more. Learn how mediums and the spirit world work.
In our fast-paced modern time, there is a wealth of information about how to take better care of ourselves. So much in fact, that it can confusing and frustrating. Join this class to learn how to simplify your choices to lead you to better results.
This 30-minute class by Imelda Almqvist introduces key principles from her shamanic work with children and teenagers. It introduces ways of creating sacred space where young people can develop their innate spirituality and communicate with their own spirit allies, - without adults imposing a belief system, religion or intermediary. Imelda has found that young people can so arrive at a viable spiritual toolkit for life. This allows them to resolve challenges and issues in their lives from a place of higher consciousness, creativity and "thinking outside the box". Imelda's book by the same title will be published in September 2016 and she will soon be offering more classes on Learnitlive based on her innovative work with The Time Travellers, her shamanic program for children and teenagers in London , UK. Imelda is currently recording sessions for her own radio progra, called "Natural Born Shamans", on A Shamanic Life Radio in the USA, in partnership with John Carosella.
Do you want to attract more money to your life? Are you exhausted from living paycheck to paycheck or from not knowing how to make the amount of money you want? Do you find it hard to manage your finances so you have excess money rather than debt? Do you find yourself annoyed when others share their financial successes? Regardless of your relationship with money, this workshop will help you create a relationship with your finances that will help you live life freely.
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