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How many of us are in between roles, jobs, careers, relationships, identities, priorities, locations, and states of health? It’s a very in-between time for a lot of people. The healing energy experiments and exercises we’ll do in class are to help you get comfortable with the ups and downs of changing times. I’ll begin with a reading on the collective energy of the class, mention the coping skills the stars recommend, and then we’ll experiment with healing energy and psychic exercises. Live tarot and clairvoyant reading at the end – bring your question! No experience necessary.
Sera Melini
Health & Wellness
Recorded: Jul 09, 2021 at 03:56 pm EDT
In this 1h all-levels Vinyāsa practice, we will be guided by the teachings of Āyurveda as a means to focus the mind and balance the energies of the body. The practice is geared around adjusting the qualities of the body to balance and support those of the tuned breath. Engaging in this method opens the practitioner to move in a unique and fully embodied way - in service to Prāṇa. By the end of class, each person's breath, body, and mind will unify, which will leave them feeling powerful, dynamic, calm, and perceptive. And, as always, śavāsana will be supported by the sweet lull of mantra. Come and join us.
Break out of the box of your limiting beliefs and find your vibrant energy and vitality. Become embodied, connected, and empowered on this musical journey. Own yourself, release judgments, expand your emotional bandwidth, and move into love and transformation! It begins with meditation and dynamic breath which opens up to guided movement taking you through chakras and the five sacred elements. Be prepared to move beyond the boundary of your mat on this Ritualistic journey of expression. Experience will be wildly sweaty, deep, and fun!
Meredith McCowan
Recorded: May 27, 2021 at 09:00 pm EDT
Join Astrologer Meredith McCowan with special guest Ashley Sondergaard of Yoga Magic Podcast for a healing journey through each of the zodiac signs! To start the evening, Meredith will discuss how to positively express the energies of each sign of the zodiac and the best crystals to work with for each. Ashley will suggest simple yoga poses and self-care tips to best incorporate the energies in our physical bodies. Grab a yoga mat, comfy clothes and a notepad for this cosmic journey!
Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medical science. Within its teachings are guidelines for healthy living and longevity. One of the simplest maps are the three pillars of health.
Ella Mesma
Recorded: Mar 30, 2021 at 11:30 am EDT
Through this gentle and supportive class, you will discover improved flexibility, concentration, and strength. Yoga is also proven to reduce stress and lift spirits, and this class will deliver!
In this sweet, relaxing, all-levels Restorative class, we use the Breath (via the Prana Maya Kosha) to recognize, differentiate, and soothe the experiences of the Body (Anna Maya Kosha). After the Body is cared for, we use the Breath to recognize, differentiate, and soothe the experiences of the Mind (Mano Maya Kosha). By creating a smooth and organized experience of the Breath, the Mind, the Body, and Awareness all appear and are experienced differently and thus deep levels of restoration and Meditation occur. Through this practice, we actively experience the scientific system of Samkhya.
Meredith McCowan
Spirituality > Astrology
Recorded: Mar 25, 2021 at 08:30 pm EDT
Are you interested in learning more about working with rocks? Do you have a handful of crystals, but aren't quite sure what to do with them? In this workshop, Meredith will walk you through different ways to work with crystals. We'll cover: 1) Using crystals for psychic protection; 2) How to set up a crystal grid for manifestation; 3) How to use crystals to enhance your drinking water; 4) The best crystals for your astrological make-up; 5) Tips & tricks for using crystals in your home or business; 6) How to work with a crystal pendulum.
Dr. Linda Howe
Recorded: Mar 10, 2021 at 09:00 pm EDT
Universal human longing for freedom fuels our awakening spiritual awareness. Explore your relationship with Freedom in this life. Identify the ways in which you embrace freedom as well as ways you avoid it. Discover how to inspire yourself to grow beyond personal limitations and fears. Become your best self.
Join us to interpret what your dreams may be trying to tell you! Meredith of Earthling Astrology will be online to discuss her work with dream interpretation, lucid dreaming and the symbolism found in the astrology of dreaming. What you will learn → What lucid dreaming is, why you want to do it + how → A description of sleep paralysis and false awakenings and how to tell if you've had either → What your dreams are trying to tell you + how astrology may be influencing them → How to use the Moon and your birth chart to enhance your dream life
Reiki is the energy healing modality that translates to "Universal Life Force Energy". We can utilize this energy and other celestial powers to restore balance and elevate our mental, emotional, and physical health. Join us for an introduction and meditation with Reiki.
Plugin and learn how to shift your life by putting ego aside and moving into heart spaced living.
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