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MELT has changed my life significantly and I am honored to have the ability to bring these techniques to D/FW. From the beginning days of my corporate training career, I enjoyed teaching complicated concepts and skills people often found intimidating and were nervous to try. Choosing to get out of pain, regardless of its cause, takes a lot of courage. Being open to something new with the hope of relief can be scary. I understand! I have been there. I promise a safe space to explore and learn techniques based on science and research to help reduce chronic pain and ...See All


RYT 200 Yoga Teacher
MELT Certifications - Hand/Foot, Level 1, Performance (Level 2)

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Wednesday Nov 18, 2020
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Nine is referred to as the number of infinity - so join me for 9 yoga sessions in January. Let's rejoin together with some of the faces we used to look forward to seeing in person. Let's welcome some new faces into the fold. traditional, breath-centered yoga. gentle. individualized. your body, your breath, your yoga.
Dust off those rollers which have been sitting since the world turned upside down in a pandemic. With the holiday season behind us, this refresher series will help you recall the way MELT techniques can calm down your autonomic nervous system, improve your sleep and help you keep up with life! A quick series to review, and refresh, and reconnect. Let me coach you through some tips and remind you of the amazing feeling of releasing stuck stress from those common areas. Great preparation for upcoming classes to learn new performance techniques.
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Master MELTing your feet in four foundational sessions. Enter the connective tissue system of your body through your feet and feel changes the very first time! Don't be surprised if you feel more range of motion in your hips, more movement in your shoulders and of course more balanced and stable from the feet up. If you are completely new to these techniques - do not worry! By the time we are done with our fifth and final session you will not only be amazed at the differences you feel, you will be able to modify and MELT your feet on your own, in your own time, with what your body needs. Maybe you have taken some MELT courses or watched some videos but are still not convinced of the benefits of making your feet a priority - this short series will help you feel the reasons. If you need a set of MELT balls - click here to order: http://www.pjatr.com/t/SkNHTUZLRkdDR09IR0xIQ0dIT0xORw
Wanda Bonder
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Ended: Jan 12, 2021 at 04:00 pm EDT
Introduction of MELT for Kelly and planning for a co-sponsored February event.
They say it takes 21 days to transform a "should do" into a habitual "cannot skip" practice. They also say MELT your feet each morning to get your day started on the right foot. Or left foot - your choice entirely. Join me each morning for 21 mornings. In your pj's before your coffee - but after your water - and let's start our day off together building a quick MELT routine into a daily cannot live without practice. What a great way to dust off that hand and foot kit and say goodbye to 2020! I will be with you each morning, even on the weekends, to remind you of the techniques and ways to get the most from each of them. Welcome in the new year with a wonderful self-care practice to keep your new year going in the right direction.
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