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Pam K. Denton is a life change expert and Intuitive/Psychic. Founder and creator of Fast Forward YOUR Life with Intuition, Play Big Coaching and Rise to the Top Training for Women, Pam is a dedicated writer, facilitator and speaker on the topics of female leadership, intuitive transformation and relationship change. She traverses all territory to include every topic that involves being human.

Fast Forward Your Life....There is no RIGHT answer... is a powerful insight into human consciousness upgrades and life change. Pam's playful spin and real humor helps you understand that the answers are inside of you. ...See All


New York Chiropractic College
Network Spinal Analysis Certified
Neuro Emotional Technique
Certified Health Coach And Regional Director for Take Shape for Life
Yoga Instructor Trainer
Evolve LIfe Coach Trainer and Leader

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Writer and Speaker
Founder of Rise to the Top Training for Women a Global Community and Play Big Coaching for the Female Form of Leadership
Founder of Fast Forward Your Life
Founder Project Woman Mastermind
Author Love, Sex and Money
Author Leadership Evolution
Expert Life Change

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Discover how you can fast forward your life change by using a consciousness upgrade! Stuck and Sabotage are not fun conversations UNLESS you have immediate access to change. And, the answers to life change and accessing your goals are inside of you, they are not outside of you and you have access to answers 24/7. You could sit down right now and take a deep breath and access your amazing STAR power to change your life merely by activating your intuition and being able to read your own life! The key to mastering intuition and life change is practice. And I want to show you how great it can be!! To truly move mountains and shift your life to Play Big and achieve goals you will want the answers to FLOW THROUGH YOUR INTUITIVE CHANNEL. Here's the deal. You want change, you are asking for it ¦but your channel and intuition is NOT on receive mode so you have no idea what to do and you stay stuck. Even when someone tells you what to do you are deathly afraid and want to do the right thing. (This is our programming to stay small and stuck. Do the right thing to get ahead.) The answer to your stuck and sabotage? Intuition! Its not woo woo at all.... Intuition connects to the part of us that's creative. Intuition connects to our inner knowing and subconscious. Intuition connects to the part of us that desires change. Intuition connects to purpose and destiny. Intuition is connects us to boundless resources and limitless possibility. I believe so strongly in intuition and I want intuition to speak to you directly so change can happen immediately. Then and only then will you hit the fast forward button on life change. It took me 20 years of personal work and guiding others to finally learn how to truly trust that we CAN change our life with intuition, and allow the information speak directly to us. But you don't have to wait that long! You can access it NOW! I'm teaching 3 of my best strategies for quickly tuning into your intuition to motivate change. And this class is FREE! For more information go to www.pamdenton.com
Dr. Pam Denton
Recorded: Nov 06, 2015 at 01:30 pm EDT
This meditation is to help you open to love and create more love in your body, relationships and life. Love is one of the highest vibrations and when you can open your heart to receive more love you can create more abundance. People who are attuned to love are open to receive great things....miracles happen AND AMAZING HEALING. In this meditation Dr. Pam will lead you through her soul healing meditation called the Divine Spark for creative energy. You will be guided with breath work and meditative connection to release energetic blocks and open your heart to the light of your spiritual connection. Be in a quiet space and have a Journal handy....Insights may flow through!
Dr. Pam Denton
Spirituality > Other
Recorded: Oct 09, 2015 at 12:30 pm EDT
Please note this class is a reschedule from Oct 2 due to sound issues :) Love is one of the highest vibrations and when you can open your heart to receive more love you can manifest more abundance. People who are attuned to love are open to receive great things. In this meditation Dr. Pam will lead you through her soul healing meditation called the Divine Spark. You will be guided with breath work and meditative connection to release energetic blocks and open your heart to the light of your spiritual connection. Be in a quiet space and have a Journal handy....Insights may flow through!
Tune in to love and Turn on a deeper connection! Join Dr. Pam Denton Relationship and Sexuality Coach for an amazing discussion of how to turn around a broken or hurting relationship and enhance an already existing relationship. Discover how to find more love and rekindle passion in your marriage and partnership. This class is also valuable for people in search of soul love and deeper connection in relationships. Pam will share with you her 5 steps to relationship healing empowerment. And help you set in motion the desire to reconnect in loving partnership. This is an introductory class to Pam's coaching structure called Tune in and Turn on your Pleasure and she will lead you through empowerment visualizations and exercises that will help you overcome the blocks that are keeping you separate from loving in intimate relationship. For more information on Pam's programs visit www.sacredosexuality.com
Love is an amazing vibration. And is a catalyst for many of the major choices we make in our lives. Love is also be a mystery and magical. And when embraced can open us to huge possibilities and potential. When love is lacking in relationship life can become painful and fueled by fear. This is a very painful place to live. Since love is such an important influence in our lives and it has the power to create great events how can we make it more the central focus in life? Join Dr Pam for a discussion of transformation, healing and love. Pam will present the 5 keys for opening your body and mind to allow more love. Pam will show you how you can create more love when you: 1. Release negativity, pain and suffering. 2. Open to possibility and desire. 3. Protect your heart from interfering energy. 4. Process lower emotions willingly in safe space. 5. Balance Masculine and Feminine energy. This will be an integrative conversation on love and how it influences your life.
A class for moving your breath to create a cardiovascular response. It is your breath that can awaken your body with oxygen and energy. All fitness begins with breathing. With breath you can sustain and endure through longer sequences and build more strength and power. Your breath is the tool to create a successful workout in Yoga and Fitness. Join me for a fun and inspiring class.
Sexuality is a powerful tool for manifestation, power and life change. In this introductory class Dr Pam will introduce you to sacred sexuality, conscious loving, and Tantra. Sex-- the word alone can bring up a lot in a woman. It is loaded with information from media, past trauma, bad relationships and love gone by. And in contrast, Sex is one of the most amazing creators of all times. It brings babies into the world, bonds couples for years, makes millions of dollars and has power to change our world. In this health talk you will have the opportunity to explore the idea of sacred sexuality. And be guided to heal and enhance your relationship to sexuality in partnership. Dr Pam will talk about some very HOT topics in a very safe and sacred language formed by her experience with Yoga, Tantra, and OM. Dr Pam has been coaching love, relationships, sexuality and female empowerment for over 10 years and has a lot of information that can help you expand your perspective of sexuality. Dr Pam will answer the following 1. What is sacred sexuality? 2. What does it mean to healing the female body? 3. How can you participate in this form of healing with or with out a partner? 4. What is conscious love? 5. How can sexuality help you to manifest your dreams and shape your desires? In the course of an hour Dr Pam will guide you to connect, breathe and be in touch with the vital energy of your own feminine body and she will help you fall in love with the idea of reshaping your relationship to all three transformers love, sex and money.
Dr. Pam Denton
Health & Wellness
Ended: Aug 05, 2013 at 08:00 pm EDT
The passion to change America's health crisis may live in your heart and could very well be your purpose. This is your chance to find out if you are one of the leaders to help help set America back on track to health. The journey starts with you and the people in your community. And you can lend a helping hand to help restore America back to health. With a climbing rate of 86% of Americans overweight and 69% clinically obese we have a real problem. Chronic disease is on the rise America and it is linked to our poor health habits. We are now faced with a major health crisis. And although this can seem desperate there is a Solution! Join Dr Pam for a very Real and Truthful discussion about our health and the healthcare crisis. And find out how Take Shape for Life is paving the way to help America heal and live from vitality and longevity. Join me in the review and discuss the possibility that helping restore optimal health to America may just be your career path. And find out how you can lose weight safely and easily by creating habitual change in your daily life.
Join Dr Pam for a discussion about building relationships in business through direct sales. Dr Pam will help you demystify the power of network businesses and will share the reasons why they are so successful for many powerful leaders. Pam will share with you her 12 years of mastery in direct sales and its impact in her business life. And give you tips to why living the direct sales lifestyle can change you motivation, communication and health. In this presentation you will discover the power of the following topics --Healthy MInd --Healthy Body --Healthy Business Practices --Healthy Relationship Building --Win Win Relationships --The power of networking And much more!! This will be an amazing journey of self discovery fro your purpose, passion, health and relationship to small business.
Join Dr Pam for an overview on her Online Video Academy for empowering the female mind, body and spirit with wisdom. Pam's Female Empowerment School will give you the tools you need to empower your positive growth as a woman and she will help you awaken to the opportunity for healing your life with empowerment tools. The Female Empowerment School A Community for Evolving the Spirit of Women. In the school you will become part of a global network of women practicing inner mind-body empowerment techniques which means a network of love and support as well as a way to connect. All video lessons will be self directed and empowered-- meaning the exercise will ask you to pull forth your feminine strength and wisdom to evolve your spirit. In the community you will be able to face issues that may be holding you back and break through to female empowerment Each Exercise and Life Practice will keep you focused on Evolving the Female Spirit to include the topics of-- female body wisdom body evolution life purpose inner passion art of pleasure Yoga Breath Movement Journaling Wisdom Emotional Healing Self Love and Self Care Join me for this amazing opportunity to empower your life!
The First Exercise for the Female Empowerment Community.
Join Motivational Speaker Dr Pam for an amazing journey into the heart center of female power. In this class Pam will discuss the concepts of female healing wisdom and teach you how to activate your inner healing knowledge. Heart to Heart, Pam will introduce her spiritual mission to guide women in igniting the female spirit. In this classroom she will introduce where women are today and present her "empowerment plan" for evolving the female body, mind and emotions. This will be a journey to empowerment where you will be able to jump in and swim with the current and begin to flow with the ease that accompanies female strength and wisdom.
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