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Alessandro Giannetti, Guided Light Healing's Founder and CEO, has over 34+ years of experience in the healing world and has well over 10,000+ hours of mastery throughout his career integrating science into spiritual, developing a remarkable, scientifically precise intuitive skill set, and pioneering the latest, greatest spiritual science discoveries that continuously shatter the limits of what's possible for a person to achieve in their life. Starting at very young age, Alessandro discovered his talent for changing lives that grew into the successful business massively changing thousands of people's lives that he is widely known for now. Through his years of experience and exceptional intuitive abilities, Alessandro has become one of the best in the business when it comes to providing the most profound, crystal clear clarity, the most effective, reliable solutions, and the most powerful healings to empower anyone at any level to create the biggest, noticeable shifts towards a meaningful life full of endless abundance, success and happiness they've always dreamed of. Specializing in healing sickness and disease, he has been able to create some of the most profound spiritual education programs empowering people with the tools to financial freedom, professional intuition development, dark forces energy protection, scientific manifesting success, mastery over all relationships in life, and ultimate self love, acceptance and mastery.
For the past 25 years, Chalyce has dedicated herself to tapping nature and resources for her clients through research, education, and coaching in both traditional and non-traditional technique. She brings all of this and more to your discovery of Sustainable Wellness. She is an IV-certified medical assistant and has certifications in aromatherapy and holistic health coaching.
Lori-Ann has studied and practiced extensively in the Holistic Health field and is committed to passing on her knowledge to improve lives. She has trained and worked in Energy & Body work for over 30 years in Canada, studied Fine Arts and Healing in Japan, and delivered a lecture tour in India. She added Acupressure, Shiatsu, Energy Medicine, Reiki, Reflexology, and Iridology to her existing skills and education in 2001, when she graduated with Honors from Windsong School of Healing under the teachings of Pauline Wolfe. Lori-Ann has extensive experience in her field, specializing in Holistic Therapy and Education. She began to train Elemental Bodywork practitioners while running a successful Holistic Practice. This training combines Oriental Bodywork and Energy Medicine modalities into AcuChi – a treatment focused on aligning the body, mind, and spirit. Lori-Ann expanded her passion for animals in a full therapeutic 4 Paws Bodytalk treatment system, and has been working therapeutically and energetically with small and large animals for over 25 years. Bringing together her experiences and modalities from all over the world, Lori-Ann is now facilitating in Four Paws Bodytalk and Holistic Therapies and teaching Oriental Bodywork, Shiatsu, Energy Medicine, Five Element Iridology Nutritional Profiling, 4 Paws Bodytalk, and Auriculotherapy at Windsong College of Healing Arts and Eastern Arts Institute of Holistic Therapy. Lori-Ann’s life goal is to use her skills and learning so gratefully acquired from her teachers and mentors to bring the knowledge of Health and Wholeness to others in learning.
My earliest and fondest childhood memories center on my relationship with animals, particularly horses. In 2004, I transitioned from a corporate career into a profession that would enable me to re-connect more closely with these powerfully sentient and wise beings. Establishing Michigan Equine Therapy enabled me to work daily with the animals I love, providing therapeutic massage and energy healing techniques to improve the quality of horses' lives. Complementary care; such as bodywork and Reiki, offers tremendous opportunity for healing and growth for animals just as it does for humans. My experiences working with horses proved to me that we have much to learn from the animals. This led me into the field of Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning. Helping humans improve their lives through an authentic connection with the horses has become my life's work. I now work as a practitioner, teacher and facilitator. I am a passionate advocate for the healing power of the horse, and the possibilities this represents for all of us on an individual, societal and species level. I am thrilled to be working with and for the animals, and teaching others how to do the same. Medicine Pony is an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life on the planet by helping people become more authentic versions of themselves. We believe re-connecting with nature and our fellow species is the first step in fully understanding our true nature and regaining clarity around our identity and purpose. This personal awareness creates clarity that allows us to live more fully being present and making mindful decisions that are fully congruent with our hearts desire and our soul's purpose. Our connection to nature and animals allows us to rediscover our self-awareness and intuition. We gain clarity. Energy work and mediation enable us to enhance our connection to life force energy or Spirit so that we can mindfully heal and grow personally and share that experience with the world around us. By combining the best traditions of mind-body-spirit practice, this work provides an incredibly powerful platform for personal healing, growth and transformation. I offer a number of classes and workshops that delve into awakening to our true selves through connection with Nature and the animal kingdom and improving the quality of our lives through natural self-care practices that address mind-body-spirit in a natural and holistic manner.
My commitment is to empower people to heal themselves and their animals in ways that heal the planet. I am profoundly connected to the universe, Gaia, Pachamama, Mother Earth. Graduated from UGA College of Veterinary medicine 1980 (age 30) after working as a veterinary assistant since age 11. Began 100% homeopathic practice in 1988. Have lectured and taught over 5,000 pet owners and veterinarians since 1986. Author of the Healthy Animal's Journal, Healthy Dog Journal ebook, a tutorial of the Homeopathic Repertory (with Karen Allen), Fleas Be Gone (kindle) and How to have a Stress Free Wedding (with Mort Orman, MD). Currently I am doing Pet Health Coaching along with my speaking/lecturing/free internet advice.
Bio for Karen Egoff Karen Egoff is an internationally respected Reiki Master, Teacher, and Practitioner. In addition to the incredible Healing Energy she manifests through Reiki, she is also a very accomplished and soulful Cranial-Sacral Practitioner, a technique she incorporates into most of her Client's Reiki Sessions. She is a dedicated and supportive lady who believes natural, spiritual lifestyles that incorporate simple Healing Techniques help us prevent and heal virtually anything, as well as maintain our overall wellbeing. In addition to Karen's Energy Work, she has been Teaching and Practicing Yoga and Meditation for 25+ Years. As well as working with healing modalities, she loves to teach about Dowsing, and work with Earth Energies. Karen loves to assist people with her Unique Workshops such as Grief Relief and Heart’s Desire. Karen has a strong worldwide online following for many of her services. Since the onset of the Pandemic, she has endeavored to keep her clients healthy and connected by expanding her services online, to include Yoga, Reiki, Meditation and more. As we bare witness to how quickly our world is changing in chaotic and alarming ways, the need to continue to take time for our own physical and mental wellbeing and spiritual growth is more important than ever. Here is one of my workshops. I can do this online. Maybe use this for my class for the symposium event in March 20th week til 30th. Release An Old Emotional Pattern The best time to move forward and start living is right now. You can live a fuller life in the present by releasing the past. Bring peace and serenity into your life in this healing energy workshop More about me, I am a wellness practitioner that new I was gifted and would be a healer and help people and pets. as a young chil, I met angels and people that had passed over in our family. they were my friends, until my family said that was all in my head. I am now living totally my dream, by working in a field that feeds people with new energy, and enriches my life. I help people with choices, and changes that they did not know about. I release old patterns, created anew neuro flow of positive ideas, and beliefs. It is up to the client to do there homework, and I am there in a coaching program when we decide with there time frame of 3 or more sessions with wellness / healing and with personal coaching combined. I am here to raise vibrations of those that are ready, and release blocks in energy field, past heritage, learning from past life, unlearning for present. Subconscious mind work I do teach as well. I am in Ontario, canada and happy to assist with more wellness with those ready, truly ready to shift what is available mind/body /spirit to let go. they need to believe, truly in change is there, ready when they are. I assist with that communication. When in person I do cranial sacral as well, at retreats I have been part of internationally for many years, prior to Feb./2020, and now, things are opening up soon in USA for all people to travel again. I am excited for the whole world to be free in this golden age time. the doors will open for those ready, and able minded. Not all will that is the truth. I channel direct to Benevolent Source. I work with Light being of benevolence, Ascended Masters of benevolence, and more. [email protected] Namaste