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Myrrh de Marmion is a Sacred Sound Alchemist, Ecstatic Vocalist, visionary, Earth Keeper, and the creator of the newly-launched Pulse of Life Global Education Initiative. Pulse of Life focuses on all of us humans as “artists of life.” Regardless of where we are in our personal journey or what it is we desire to experience in our lives, we are all “artists” ultimately seeking a deeper remembrance and connection to knowing WHO WE ARE, to the Universal Life Force that is the creator and permeator of all things.

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The Cosmic College of Divine Source Energy

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Certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, 2001; Certified Advanced Practitioner Integrative Energy Therapy, 2003; Certified Akashic Records Reader 2002; Interfaith Minister;

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Soul Work (60-75 min)   ($185)

Wherever You Are, That's Where We Meet In the process of meeting is the journey to experience a new place of awareness, because at that moment, all else falls away. So there's nothing to consciously change, heal or let go. It happens naturally when you connect to your Heart. This takes the pressure off of "what you need to do" to move forward. You already know. ​ We create a space of love and forgiveness - of self and of others. The "how" of the journey creates itself from there. www.creativedivinestudios.com/soul-work

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Myrrh de Marmion
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Recorded: Nov 08, 2017 at 10:00 pm EDT
The two session Sensitive Human series goes deeper into the journey of Empathic Empowerment. Each session of this series will explore in greater depth: ~Triggers ~Feelings ~Reactions ~Deep Listening in Soul Space We will work in "Soul Space communication"- a way of inner communication and embrace refined through private client assistance over the years. These are actively participatory classes. When you log in for the class be sure to enable your microphone to enable ease of interaction, although you may also choose the chat space to communicate if you prefer privacy.
Come join this fun free mini class that explores the path of the Sensitive Human - those of us who are SOOO sensitive. This introductory class explores what it means to be "empathic," and discusses cues, triggers and assistance to avert meltdowns. This class introduces the upcoming Sensitive Human four-part livestream video workshop that will be offered here on Learn It Live beginning November 2017. It is an introduction to the Sensitive Human School, part of the new Pulse of Life Global Education Initiative and its mission that focuses on all of us humans as artists of life. Regardless of the individual journey, we are ultimately seeking a deeper remembrance and connection to who we are as the Universality that is both creator and permeator of all things. Pulse of Life is a multi-platform ƒ¢ï¿½ï¿½inner educationƒ¢ï¿½ï¿½ endeavor that offers exploration of life-enhancing information, knowledge and know-how of our human abilities, our capacities that far exceed what we have been taught and what we have seen as the truth up to now.
Myrrh de Marmion
Recorded: Jan 31, 2016 at 03:30 pm EDT
This free webinar explores the changing frequencies on Mama Earth and the impact that those frequencies have on us - on our physical, mental and emotional well-being. Sometimes we don't realize how "off" we feel, until we are re-balanced. We will explore exactly what is happening with the Schumann Resonance - the natural resonance of Mama Gaia, what has always been called "OM." All life on our planet receives nurturing and nourishment from this resonance. It balances and grounds us - similar to a fetus in the womb experiencing the mother's heartbeat. When other frequencies override this frequency, or when things on planet cause this frequency to shift, it can cause mild issues such as just being out of sorts, to debilitating issues such as anxiety and depression, insomnia, etc. As a Sonic Alchemist I work with and create frequencies that help individuals rebalance themselves and remain in balance. I do this in private sessions and in group session. In the last month or so, I began exploring frequencies that would help me bring myself back into balance. From this exploration came a Frequency tool that has helped many individuals. It is being suggested that upgrades will be forthcoming to these rebalancing frequency mp3s over the next two years. With the introduction of this initial Frequency mp3, we are ready for the next step, which is offering these mp3 upgrades via a "subscription." This will help people stay fully balanced as well as experiencing significant $ savings over individual upgrades. Attendees of this webinar will have the opportunity to experience this Frequency tool, and also receive the subscription at a discount and the initial Mp3 free. Feel free to share with individuals. You may watch the video on this page for more information and to experience the frequencies contained in this tool. You may also listen the entire 15 minute mp3 at http://www.creativedivinestudios.com/#!sacred-sound/c1t44
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