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Kirsten Askins is a Yoga Teacher and Yoga Studio Owner who is an Astrologer, Aromatherapist, Tarot Reader and Reiki Practitioner. In a Yoga class you can expect a bit of Astrology and in an Astrology workshop you might get a bit of Yoga or Aromatherapy. Ultimately any process that helps to raise the consciousness and connect with the divine as Yoga, Astrology, Aromatherapy, Tarot, Reiki and many other modalities do, Kirsten will joyfully guide you in understanding how to know and experience the Joy, Bliss and Peace that is ever present within and without.

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Be guided in postures, breath and intention for each of the 7 chakras in order to balance the body and mind. Chakras are subtle energy centers that regulate the physical, mental and emotional bodies. Deepen your understanding of the flow of life force through you and how to enhance natural immunity and destroy negativity or energy blocks. Finish with a powerful Mantra to destroy negative karma and awaken the inner teacher.
Kirsten Askins
Health & Wellness
Recorded: Nov 16, 2020 at 01:00 pm EST
Let go of stress and pain as you are guided in the union of breath and movement. Find deeper well-being through the exploration of gentle postures, breathwork, meditation, and deep relaxation all while sitting in a chair or standing using the chair for support.
The cycle of the Moon is a tide of energy for all life on Earth. Each New Moon is a unique fresh start, flavored by the Zodiacal sign and the other planets€™ place in the sky. Learn the energy of this Scorpio New Moon and how it will influence all Sun signs. Time permitting, we will look at individual charts to see the exact placement of the Moon. Come prepared with your time, day, and location of your birth if you would like to share your chart.
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