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I've always loved prisms, and years ago, when I was still working in the corporate world, I was given a beautiful crystal vase that acted as a "Prism". It was a gift for helping a team find the clarity needed to move through a period of deep transition and shine.

I've always know this is my "sweet spot" and as I matured, I realized these intuitive gifts from an Inner Source were to be used to help others find their own Light and shine.

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MS, Science and Technology Studies
MA-T Teaching (Emotional Intelligence)
BA, Humanistic Studies, History

Experience and Distinctions

Sir Thomas More Award for Outstanding Work in the Field of Humanistic Studies
Certified Holistic Coach with GAHP (Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapists and Coaches)
Training Life Coach (Coaches Training Institute)
Ordained Interfaith Minister (Universal Life Church)

Blessed Mom of 7 Beautiful Children who live, work, and study around the world, and Single Mom Who Loves My Work and Loves to Play as Well. Natural Lover, HIker, Writer, Reader, Researcher, Loves All Things Beautiful - especially those things uniquely beautiful; for what is truly beautiful is often invisible to the eye.

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Join me on a journey to a courageous life through the active, daily practice of loving compassion. Together, we'll explore the concept of compassion through several lenses: cultural, spiritual, bio-cognitive theory, and neuropsychology. Taking what we learn, we'll consider the following questions: * How to we learn compassion, and what does it look like? * Why is compassion a responsive exercise? * Why must compassion be a "practice"? Through this series, we'll cover self-compassion, compassion with others, and the exercise of compassionate response in difficult situations that present themselves in our lives. Each class will be part teaching and part interactive with coaching as time permits.
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