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Jacquie has always loved animals, children, and nature. Through her work at Golden Lotus Spiritual Healing and the Mother Earth Healing Foundation, she is able to help adults, children, animals, and the earth heal their painful pasts, reclaim the most sacred parts of themselves, and create a brighter future.

"I was able to heal and reclaim parts of myself that I thought were permanently damaged and gone. I decided to make it my mission to help others heal and release whatever has happened to them along the way that made them feel that they have lost the ...See All


Jacquie Fruttero has been a spiritual healer, animal healer, and teacher of spiritual healing for the past 6 years. She has received training as a spiritual healer from Master Djwhal Khul, "The Tibetan".

She has trained with Kathryn Keeton, who has been a spiritual teacher, healer, and conscious channel for the Ascended Masters for the last 28 years. Jacquie's background includes Bachelors of Arts from U.C. Berkeley, Certification in Project Management in the Technological Industry, Bi-lingual K-8 Teaching Credential, Teacher of K and 2nd grade for 5 years at the top dual immersion school in America, and ...See All

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Success stories with clearing and balancing the energy systems, include physical injuries, stroke recovery, cancer, tumors, migraines, ADHD, depression, grief from the loss of a loved one, removing blocks in love-finances-pregnancy-relationships, clearing negative energies from you-your pets-your work space-your home, emotional traumas, nervous system disorders, anxiety, panic attacks, fears, addictions, and much more.

Most of her work is done long distance by phone and Skype across the United States and internationally.

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Home, Office & Other Space Clearing   (Get Quote) [+] Show More Info

Sometimes we move into a place that is the right place for us to be, but there can be stuck energy from the past there that needs to be cleared. You might feel heavy or oppressive energy, various types of negative energies, other people's energies that used to live there or work there or something that just doesn't feel right to you. The Ascended Masters and I can help you clear whatever is causing you discomfort. Cost varies depending on the actual problem and length of time to clear space.

2 Hour Relaxation & Rejuvenation Session   ($250) [+] Show More Info

You will receive all of the below in this session. *Chakra Balancing and Re-Energizing to help all of your glands and organs re-vitalize *Auric Field Clearing and Re-Juvenation to help you release your built up stress, frustration, and anxiety *Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul Re-Connection allows for a sense of wholeness, peacefulness, and a deeper sense of true self *Re-Calibration, Re-Grounding, and Re-Centering allows you to ground, center, and re-calibrate yourself in this present moment

2 Hours of Deep Healing   ($250) [+] Show More Info

Jacquie and the Ascended Masters work on the ROOT CAUSE of your physical pain, emotional trauma and mental blocks. We look for the energetic imbalance that is causing the symptoms and heal issues at all levels; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

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Do you want to be more effective at work? Do you want to maintain your energy and vitality throughout your entire day? Do you want to facilitate being more clear in your life? Do you want to learn to discern between your energy and other people's energy? Maybe it is time to learn some new energy management techniques. These tools for attaining a grounded state, creating energetic boundaries and checking with your higher knowing are quick, easy, and extremely effective. Grounding and centering technique - Grounding actually anchors your soul completely into your body. This creates an internal strength and steadiness. This technique is a key element in personal energy management and self healing. It can align and balance your energy systems creating clarity, focus, and equilibrium throughout your day. Advanced bubble technique to create a sacred space Your personal sacred space is defined by a luminescent egg-shaped energy field that extends 3-4 feet out in every direction from your physical body. This technique will teach you to define and hold your own sacred personal space. It can prevent you from becoming drained, burned-out or loaded down with other people’s energy. Muscle testing your inner truth - It is possible for you to learn how to always find your own best answers in any situation. This ranges from what's the best thing for you to eat for lunch to which new job that you have been offered is going to be the highest and best position for you. Come learn how to maintain your own higher level of consciousness, always be able to discern your truth in every situation and create focus and clarity throughout your day.
Your energy systems are your key to health, happiness, abundance and well-being. Your energy systems are your soul's interface with your physical body. Some systems, such as, chakras, meridians, layers of the auric field you may have heard of. Other energy systems are not as widely known. It has been estimated that 97% of all physical ailments, emotional issues and psychological disorders start out as an energetic imbalance. Energy healing is one of the most effective tools for restructuring the underlying atomic matrix in a person to facilitate full and complete healing. Healing is about restoring yourself fully to your soul, emotional balance, mental clarity, and physical health. Come and learn to work with your energy systems. It is fun, exciting and can help you create and maintain your vitality, joy, wealth and inner peace. Join us for a fun exploration into discovering and working with your energy systems.
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