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I use Spiritual Astrology, and other esoteric knowledge such as esoteric palmistry, to gain insight at a deep level of a person's psychological make-up and life situation.
This information allows me to better understand where people are coming from and what issues they are most likely concerned bout.
It also gives me a better understanding of how to resolve any blocks or difficulties the person may be experiencing in their life.
Combining this with the wisdom of Eastern mystical traditions provides a powerful tool for facilitating a person's spiritual growth towards a more peaceful and joyous way ...See All


My interest in Astrology and the Esoteric, as well as eastern philosophy, started in my teens and has never stopped.
I did a 2 year Astrology course at the Chiron Centre, Melbourne some 20 years ago. It covered all the standard Astrological information plus how this fits in with psychological understanding. Some of the teachers there had psychology degrees.
However my interest progressed to the more esoteric/spiritual aspects of Astrology. Including the standard esoteric teachings but in particular various channeled sources, such as the Hilarion material, which proved to be quite accurate and revealing.
It addressed ...See All

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