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Experts (4)
Sue has over 20 years of business experience in Executive Coaching, Organizational Development, Sales, Marketing, Quality, Internal Communications and Global Human Resource Management - latterly at the SVP level. Her impressive track record in developing talented employees in successful multinational companies has primarily been in the Consumer Product, Retail, Life Sciences, Hospitality and High Technology sectors. Partnering with The NeuroLeadership Group, PotentiaLabs, Talentsmart and Synergy, she is using the latest in neuroscience research to understand and apply new thinking to how we learn, think, work and grow.
I'm a business strategy and operations consultant/coach with more than 20 years' experience working with a variety of businesses, from major corporations to freelancers. I specialize in helping companies plan for and solve the question of how to move forward and grow intelligently. I've helped hundreds of companies, large and small, with: * Business-wide and case-by-case strategic planning and implementation * Project design, planning and implementation * Growth planning * Business operations audits * Human Resources audits * Employee retention * Process improvement * Training and team building Let me know how I can help you and your business!
My passion is seeing leaders imbued with the character and capacity to impact their world for the better. I'm an award winning coach and trainer of hundreds of Fortune 200 leaders. My expertise is in Employee Engagement, Leadership and Professional Development, and operationalizing team excellence to achieve your goals. I've also coached leaders, business owners, and professionals from 30 countries.