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Modern Nomadic Yogi for +30 years, Global Inspirational Speaker, mentor, mind consciousness scientist, author and Professor at Super Conscious Humanity Academy, Dr. Vie educates you to fortify your brain, body, mind and life through self paced seminars, practical guidance and self assessments. She has live events at the Diabetes, Alzheimers, Heart and Stroke Associations & schools, senior care organizations, hospitals and community centers. Her free Super Conscious Youth Program has helped +35,000 last year. People of all faiths and beliefs benefit from her unbiased guidance. Her current project is focused on developing self sustaining super conscious communities through crowd funding. ...See All


Post-doctorate, Medical Devices, OSU, USA
Personal self realization insights as a Yogi living a nomad life for +30 years around the globe, solo.

Experience and Distinctions

A post-doctorate from the USA, specializing in medical implants,
Scientist in several countries in Europe,
Swiss patent for a diagnostic device for developing nations,
Educator of deaf, autistic, and blind children via Sign Language in Africa
Funakoshi Karate classes for deaf teens in Africa
Assistant professor - medical school in Africa
Pioneered raw vegan superfoods low allergenic factory in Canada,
Utilized the first food free compostable packaging in 2005
Mentors youth for free since 2004 through her personally funded Dr. Vie Super Conscious Humanity Youth Program
Author of non fiction self ...See All

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Book: Self Help Mind Body Techniques for Women   ($30) [+] Show More Info

This 292 pages paperback book is the pre requisite for Super Conscious Humanity Membership, and can be used on its own to master the 15 techniques to Super Consciousness especially for females. Learn about the 7 dimensions of your life and how to strengthen your mind and emotions every step of the way as you traverse life from a teenager to a wise senior. Loved and used by hundreds of women in several countries. Special shipping cost for USA and Canada. Message me for details.

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Try Super Conscious Humanity Portal for a month - videos for self paced learning, assessments for monitoring, replays of webinars, and 15 minute one on one chat with me Dr. Vie. Annual membership also available with monthly group calls or monthly 1:1 calls. Contact me to get your special code to enjoy the first month. All funds support my free Super Conscious Humanity Youth program since 2004.

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Special offering for learners who attend the live session. Set up a one on one session with me via Skype or phone (if you are in the USA). Focused session focused on your needs.

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Decades of living on my own in many countries....has revealed many keys to living in a state of inner peace ...and a lifestyle of inner peace....which I share in each of my free live streams and hundreds of live events to thousands of all ages globally for years. In this session interact with a fellow Peace seeker and share your thoughts about what you think PEACE means and how you currently live in a state of inner peace...or what you would like to know about how to live a life of PEACE. Perhaps you would like to also share PEACE?
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