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Dee Woolridge - MBA, author, speaker, success coach, trainer, Naval officer (Ret), entrepreneur

She is the founder of The Heart Centered Institute where learning is focused on personal growth and transformation. She is the San Antonio location director of the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy and is on the board of directors for several local non-profits. She is the author of four books and is a successful entrepreneur with multiple businesses.


Dee has a Bachelor's of Science and an Masters of Business Education and Training
Dee Woolridge earned a Bachelor of Science and Master of Business Administration from National University in San Diego, CA. She achieved the rank of LT Commander in the US Navy and held leadership positions as executive officer and commanding officer. She has completed several courses and certifications at the College of Metaphysical Studies, The Chopra Center, and The Deborah King Center as well as others. Dee is a graduate of the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy with several certifications in hypnotherapy and life coaching. She is ...See All

Experience and Distinctions

Dee is a walking and talking resilience, communication and success mindset example because she knows it intimately. As an author, speaker, and trainer, she has covered topics on leadership, communication, team building, resilience, self-care and personal empowerment. She helps break down barriers and blocks to success. She motivates and instills confidence, while giving practical tips and techniques that she calls Dee’s Key to Success.

Dee has spoken to a variety of audiences that include corporations, colleges and universities, social clubs, civic organizations, survivor and addiction support groups. She is the author of Unlimited – Break Free ...See All

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Dee is a specialist in personal empowerment and transformation. She helps people discover who they are and develop into who they want to be. Her interactive, dynamic style gets the audience to feel something, change something and take action. She believes that we change our world from the inside out. She connections to the very heart center of you. As the author of the books Spirit Guide Connection 101 and Unlimited, Dee gives you tools outside the box to help you transform your life.

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As you grow, spirituality may become more important in your life. You may begin to question old religious beliefs and teaching. You may feel lost or like something is missing or doesn’t add up. You may begin to seek a broader spiritual understanding. You may wonder more about your life’s path and purpose. My goals as spiritual counselor is to help you reach a state of awareness and self-realization. The focus is on helping you realize your own strengths and abilities from the inside to become the best version of you.

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My primary focus in life coaching is for personal empowerment and life improvement. I aim to assist clients in getting their lives organized around the pursuit of either a specific goal, an overall life enhancement. I provide my clients with structure, step by step instructions, support, validation and encouragement. Life coaching is not therapy, psychiatry, psychology or mental health counseling. Much of what you will encounter in our coaching sessions will deal with the near future and creating action plans toward specified goals.

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I will provide one on one instruction on how to use a pendulum by taking you through the basics all the way up to advanced uses for pendulum. I will teach you how to use it in your everyday life. I've been using and teaching pendulum use for over 15 years. We can go as quickly or slowly as you need for you to get the the full understanding and find your rhythm with this beautiful tool.

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Many people think of a bucket list as a list of to-dos before you become old, sick and dying. Thus, thinking about a bucket list can make you feel uncomfortable as you contemplate your mortality. But what if we shifted the perspective? What if we changed the conversation? Instead of thinking of a bucket list as a countdown to your last days. think of your bucket list as a road map to the most exciting, fulfilling life possible. We will ponder some thoughts on a bucket list, talk about your why or the purpose you choose certain things on your list, make the list, then learn how to get moving on checking the list off. Join me in this thought provoking and fun course and learn how the positive power of a bucket list can change your life. Grab your journal and I will meet you in the class room.
The feeling of anger itself isn't necessarily good or bad; what matters is how you express or repress this emotion. Your spiritual level determines how you react and deal with frustrations in your life. Increasing your knowledge and spiritual growth, will in fact reduce your level of anger and frustration. In this class you will: - Learn to identify and acknowledge the emotion of anger and associated behavior - Identify triggers to anger - Discover the beliefs that are tied to the emotion - Traditional and spiritual tips and techniques on how to change the belief thereby reducing your frustration and anger. Don't miss this class.
Yes, you can get what you want! It's just a matter of using a power that you already possess - the power of your mind. By learning to really make your mind work for you, you can change your whole future. You'll discover how to: a. Get a Raise b. Reduce Stress c. Get Healthy d. Lose Weight e. Attract Love f. Enrich Relationships g. Master Emotions h. Improve Your Self-Image Sound too good to be true? It isn't, you can actually achieve all of these things - and more. The secret? Creating powerful mental pictures. It's called visualization, and that is the key to success - whether you want a new car, a new job, a new relationship or a new attitude. Visualization allows your mind to work for you instead of against you.