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I found myself in my early thirties with 2 young children, a husband & advanced Parkinson's Disease.

Stiff & shaky, I was often incontinent of urine, needed lots of help dressing. It was an ordeal of momentous proportions to "get mother ready" just to move about the apartment - never mind to the car & out. At night I drooled excessively & had to sleep standing up strapped against a wall in order to be able to breathe.

So I wailed out to the universe (not expecting an answer) "God, why don't you just ...See All


Connie is recognized as a light worker and energy healer as well as a teacher, speaker and mentor. Her certifications include but are not limited to: Aura / Chakra Specialist, Clair cognizant Intuit, Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner, Certified Quantum-Touch Instructor, Reiki Master - Huna & Kundalini, Chios Master Teacher, C.E.L.T. Grand Master, Munay-Ki Mentor, Registered Nurse (retired), Author, Instruction oordinator for Reiki Awakening Academy

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9 rites of the munay-ki/ rainbow super charge attunement/ direction on life's path/soul's purpose

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Readings -runes, pendulum, stones, tarot, angels, intuitive etc or combo usually 20 - 30 mins for $35

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pendulum/ quick tarot/ quick runes/ intuitiive development/ chakra system - front and rear/ human energy field - aura & chakras/ tips & techniques for energy healers

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Connie Dohan
Health & Wellness
Ended: Jul 31, 2012 at 12:30 pm EDT
Receive the 9 Rites of the Munay-ki. These powerful rites awaken the healer within you. They also align your energy to 2012 & beyond. Now available in this unique on line/remote method Truly life changing.
The student will learn the foundation for using color, light, and energy at the level of the auras and chakras to affect the body at the physical level. Full information found at A bit more structured than most modalities. Ideal for those who like structure or order - or the logical thinker. A powerful technique suitable for all learners.
Every one has an intuition. In this class you will learn how to find yours & hone it to use to your advantage in business or personal life. Suited for all learners but especially good for "logical" thinkers or those of you who are certain your third eye is AWOL. You will discover where your intuition is hiding & why. Lots of no nonsense practical, hands on ways to bring out your intuition & cause it to soar.
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