After reaching the top of a corporate career in sales management, training and coaching. Cindy Sharp knew she wanted something more. After a life-changing stroke, Cindy decided to take that god given talent to help others succeed and she turned to face a more spiritual path. Now she spends every day filled with the intent to lovingly share her knowledge to help spirit filled businesses to create some fresh magic in their business. Cindy's now a successful business healer, spirit filled coach, speaker and author that helps many others to find more clients and create loving fans or as she ...See All

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FREE - Coaching   ($1) [+] Show More Info

Cindy has a slot at all time available to those that have a big commitment - and a big life vision. Contact her office for this... www.sharpeningyourspirit.com

Group spirit-filled coaching   ($79) [+] Show More Info

This is the best way to be in a small group with Cindy live teaching, coaching and training you on your business needs...always spirit filled, with a heart centered approach. Coaching days- Action Days and the chance for one on one with Cindy as your guide!

New Client Special - One month   ($599) [+] Show More Info

This is the best package to find the things you need to do over a one month time to get your business moving forward. It includes 4 coaching days - 4 action days and all the follow up and help you need to release what is not working and start your business running forward! Space is limited - Cindy only takes 1-2 new clients a month!

1 day VIP - In person coaching   ($1,199) [+] Show More Info

In one day we will take a close deep look at what is working and not working. Clear the space and start to implement new spirit filled systems to start creating fans, get you feeling at peace with the process of where your business is going and have a clear love filled plan to move forward in the FLOW. Plus travel costs - you book your own travel.

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Can you share what you do, in a spirit filled quick way? Telling them why they want to get to know you and your work? By the end of this class you will have this done. Simple, Easy,Fast and Spirit Filled! Tell your story, master your meaning and create your clear, loving "Pick Up Line." Pull in loving clients today...getting your message clear is the first big spirit filled step!
Using the guidance of your spirit team can help direct your spiritual business to grow in a much easier way. Don't stop there your angels are her to help you with all your life! Learn how to get into the flow with your angels to uplift your vibration to support a thriving loving business and life. There is not really any part of life that you cannot use, to ask the angels to assist you. Use their love to show you the way to have a prosperous business and a loving affirmative life!This original class did not happen at the assigned time.NEW date for live class...Sunday the 10th January 2016 at 4:00pm - A wonderful gift from your Angels for all who attend live!! <3
Have you ever wondered what your clients are thinking? What they really want and how to create that when you are with them? Well the cat is out of the bag, because in this class we will talk about just that and learn how to implement these client secrets right in to your business. Its easy, loving and life changing for you as a spiritual business owner and most important to your clients too!
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