Cindy Griffith is an internationally renowned Psychic, Teacher, and Author, with a diverse background in Metaphysics, Meditation, Spiritual Development and Spiritual Business Counseling. She and her husband David Bennett have recently moved from the Finger Lake region of New York to Virginia Beach.
Cindy expresses her passions of teaching, writing and psychic counseling via clients and students in the USA and abroad. Recently she is teaching Spiritual and Psychic Development and offering channeled sessions in Tokyo, Japan.
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BS in Spiritual Counseling and Healing
MA in Consciousness Development
3 year Metaphysical Teacher Training Program
4 year Healing School - Openway

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Author of Soul Soothers: Mini Meditations for Busy Lives
Co-Author of Grow Your Spiritual Business & Voyage of Purpose
Creator of Soul Expansion and Soul Soothers: Meditation CDs
Spiritual teacher and Spiritual Business woman for 25 years
Currently teaching throughout the US and in Tokyo, Japan

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What is Karma? Karma is the strict, impersonal, universal law of cause and effect. Karma is neither good nor bad. It just is. It is the universal law that says for every cause there is an effect. Nothing in this universe is independent of anything else. Karma is much bigger than that, though. Yes, every action creates a reaction, but that is an over simplification. Karma creates balance. The universe is forever striving toward a balance, a spiritual perfection that brings it back into harmony with what we call God. Karma is the act of balancing the Universe. Come learn more about how to turn karma from a stumbling block into a stepping stone! Plus learn Cindy�s Karma Eraser Technique!
This is a two hour version of Cindy's Mini Meditations for Busy Lives! Do you only slow down when you are stuck in line at the grocery Store? Wish you could fit meditation into your life but you don't have the time? Don't worry! You can have the benefits of meditation without sitting like a pretzel for 20 minutes! Join Cindy and add up to a half hour of meditation into your busy life! Take advantage of the things you do anyway, like shower, drive, walk, wait in line, grocery shop and more to do these mini meditations. Your Calm life is just a moment away with Mini Meditations for Busy Lives! This class is reduced to half price because there is a 10 minute time where we lost sound. The notes have details.
This 2 hour Psychic Development class will boost your confidence in your psychic ability! Don't feel like you have any? This class will show that everyone has psychic ability! Discover what your psychic strength is: Clairaudience (clear hearing,) Clairvoyance (clear hearing) or Clairsentience (clear knowing.) We will do experiential exercises (yes, you can do them while attending on line) and meditations to increase your psychic awareness. Learn different ways to access your psychic ability! Cindy will guide you through a discovery of your intuitive self! Learning through experiential exercises, lecture & discussion, you will start to exercise and develop your intuitive muscle like a body builder! We all have intuition and this class will open your mind�s eye to the depth of knowledge that you carry within! This class will be offered Live at Good Vibes Wellness at the same time. You can ask questions during the talk and we will do the meditations and exercises together! Cindy asks that before the class starts you write down 5-10 questions each on a different piece of paper. Also, mid class we will take about a 5-10 minute break for those attending this class live at Good Vibes Wellness.