Cindy Griffith is an internationally renowned Psychic, Teacher, and Author, with a diverse background in Metaphysics, Meditation, Spiritual Development and Spiritual Business Counseling. She and her husband David Bennett have recently moved from the Finger Lake region of New York to Virginia Beach.
Cindy expresses her passions of teaching, writing and psychic counseling via clients and students in the USA and abroad. Recently she is teaching Spiritual and Psychic Development and offering channeled sessions in Tokyo, Japan.
Holding both a Masters in Consciousness Development and a Bachelor of Science in Spiritual Counseling and Healing from SUNY Empire ...See All


BS in Spiritual Counseling and Healing
MA in Consciousness Development
3 year Metaphysical Teacher Training Program
4 year Healing School - Openway

Experience and Distinctions

Author of Soul Soothers: Mini Meditations for Busy Lives
Co-Author of Grow Your Spiritual Business & Voyage of Purpose
Creator of Soul Expansion and Soul Soothers: Meditation CDs
Spiritual teacher and Spiritual Business woman for 25 years
Currently teaching throughout the US and in Tokyo, Japan

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Yes we all have angels to help us and Yes, everyone can get messages! Yes everyone. Many just don’t know how to recognize our angels communicating with us! Starting with an attunement to help you tune into the angelic realm, Cindy will then share how to ask your angels for guidance and how to be sure to get answers back. Some people hear, see or know their angel’s response and some people get their messages through signs, synchronicity and even dreams. There is no right or wrong way to hear from your angels! Come and attune to angels, learn how you can connect with your angels, and get some fun facts about Angels. Whether you watch live or the recording, you will benefit from the attunement and gain skills and insights to strengthen your connection to your angels. Thursday October 19th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm - $20
Cindy's Spirit Guides will start the evening by sharing insight and wisdom to help us to be the best spiritual beings we can be while living this physical life. Since this is channeled, Cindy is never quite sure what we will be discussing, yet it is always relevant to the audience. Then, picked by lottery, up to 10 people (picked from both the LearnitLive and Good Vibes audience) will get be able to ask Cindy's guides one question about their life or can ask to have their energy evaluated and given recommendations to bring their energetic system into balance. $20 per person
Imagine becoming a mountain or a waterfall! Shape shifting is a series of guided meditations that transform you as you experience the essence of earth, water, fire, air and an animal spirit guide! Join Cindy for a transformational experience and leave able to call on the energies of the elements and your spirit guide when you need strength, flexibility, release and to go with the flow! We will explore the 4 elements and talk a little bit about Power Animals.