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Christelle Chopard is the Founder of the DHARMI Method for holistic healing, development and stress management, and Yoga School (RYS-500). She also founded Yoga-Water. She is author, speaker and business owner. An independent, authentic, adventurous and wise woman! She is a seeker and pioneer. She explores not only new countries new cultures new traditions but also new ways, new paths and perspectives constantly.

Her quest for betterment and authenticity lead her to be a committed professional. She supports people to navigate life transitions with compassion confidence and clarity. Self-sufficient at an early age. Self-employed since she was ...See All


DHARMI Mentor, Holistic Coach,
Handwriting Expert
Holistic Foot Analyst & Reflexologist, Grinberg Method, Massage Therapy, Thai Massage, Cranio Sacral Therapy
Certified Yoga Therapist C-IAYT, Hatha Yoga, Gentle Therapeutics Yoga, Purna Yoga
Qigong Instructor
Facilitator of the Vortex of Energy Meditation
Yoga-Water Instructor

Experience and Distinctions

Speaker, Author of five published books, blogs and articles.
Entrepreneur and Visionaire with experiences and work on six continents through different cultures.
Shamanism through the Americas.
Self- and Professional-Development.

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Tue Feb 13 2018 at 12:00 pm EST
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Thu Aug 16 2018 at 03:38 pm EST
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Thursday Nov 16, 2017
Expert Services Offered
1hr. Holistic Stress Management   ($220) [+] Show More Info

Stress is the cause of 82% of ailments, mistakes at work, insomnias, depression, conflicts at work or in your relationships. Whether you experience physical symptoms, traumas, PTSD, conflict in relationships (personal or professional), lack of motivation, addictions, distractions, burnout, … Receive support and guidance to manage stress in a holistic, integrative way. DHARMI® Method

1hr. session:Guidance to Navigate Life Transitions   ($220) [+] Show More Info

This 60min online consultation of coaching, healing and meditation based on the DHARMI® Method, supports you to move through life changes with compassion, clarity and confidence.

Level II Immersion - Vortex of Energy Meditation   ($440) [+] Show More Info

A 28-day cycle of the Vortex of Energy Meditation for healing, balance, wellbeing and self-development. Learn and Apply in your personal life the VoE Meditation to follow your roadmap with clarity and mindfulness. It is the second level of the Immersion Program that is required prior to apply for the Training as DHARMI® Holistic Consultant, Coach or Facilitator.

Level I Immersion DHARMI Method   ($770) [+] Show More Info

Practice the Seven Steps for a Holistic Integrative Balance. Learn and Apply in your personal life the 7 Maps to navigate transitions with clarity and confidence. It is the first level of the Immersion Program that is required prior to apply for the Training as DHARMI Holistic Consultant, Coach or Facilitator.

Continuing Education accredited YACEP   ($550) [+] Show More Info

Balance the Five Elements & Five Bodies through Yoga Practice The course is done online. It consists of 7 classes of 1hr each. This Holistic Experience is based on the DHARMI® Method and nature’s wisdom to support the alignment of the five bodies through a mindful yoga practice. You will receive teachings about the Five Elements and how to integrate this knowledge when you teach a yoga class. Course accredited by Yoga Alliance

Learning Intrest
About Christelle Chopard
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A Dharmic Immersion ~ Mindfulness for a Lifetime! This GPS supports you to navigate life transitions with balance and mindfulness. A DHARMI Lifestyle keeps you alert along your journey, while journaling regularly following your roadmap and practicing Vortex of Energy Meditation weekly to stay on track. We are sure that you are on your right path, at the right time with the right people. Though, if you experience stress in a physical, emotional, behavioral or psychological level, this Compass will give you tools to reconsider your direction and to find balance. When applied weekly it brings increased energy and vitality, by keeping you aligned with your intentions, your ƒï¿½ï¿½ƒï¿½‚¢ƒï¿½‚¯ƒï¿½‚¿ƒï¿½‚½ƒï¿½‚¯ƒï¿½‚¿ƒï¿½‚½True Northƒï¿½ï¿½ƒï¿½‚¢ƒï¿½‚¯ƒï¿½‚¿ƒï¿½‚½ƒï¿½‚¯ƒï¿½‚¿ƒï¿½‚½. LEVEL I Practice the Seven Steps for a Holistic Integrative Balance The live sessions includes guidance and support: - Introduction to a specific map to clarify Your Journey - Reflection on your reference points at the moment - Meditation - Clarification of your true north - Tools to move forward with positive intention and clarity On Tuesdays at 11:00AM EST
We offer a monthly guidance to clarify your steps on your journey. The next class is dedicated to LOVE - time for reflection with clear guidance to navigate life with love in all main aspects of your life. - clarification of your own way based on a dharmic perspective - meditation and reflection - tools for integration Benefits: - find more clarity - heal your heart and access essence of love - tools to navigate life transitions with mindfulness - being a reflection of the love you are seeking for
The class includes clear steps to support you navigate life transitions. Whether you pass through a transition in your relationship, in your career, in your lifestyle.. Christelle Chopard will share with you tools to help you manage stress and channel your energy creatively.