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Named one of "The 100 Top Psychics & Astrologers in American" 2014 Adrien Blackwell has been a celebrity psychic for many years. She's has written in magazines and been documented on TV & Radio around the world. In the last three years she's transformed her gift to start helping people on this plant shift their energy during the ascension process. She has developed a new type of healing that clears blocks for some within minutes.

Adrien has taught classes on "Tarot," "Creating the Love of Your Life," Wealth and Abundance: For Fast Results," and with each ...See All


16 years helping people as a celebrity psychic and healer. Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Theta Healer and many more certifications.

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Adrien B.
Recorded: Apr 03, 2018 at 10:00 pm EDT
5-10 attendees limit. Lot's of one on one attention and group healing for all! 1 hour session.
Adrien B.
Recorded: Mar 26, 2018 at 09:55 pm EDT
In this webinar you will get an opportunity to join me while I do a deep general healing to get your manifestation energy flowing. This will give you the energy to create love, money, joy, happiness and or enlightenment. Then I will give you an opportunity to explore what you need healed specifically. These webinars used to be done more often and now it looks more like once a year! So set your alarm and don't miss out on this healing. Many people have had miraculous breakthroughs in their lives from finding their dream homes, health problems vanishing, to meeting their soulmates and a lot more... don't miss out on your possible miracle.
This one should have excellent audio quality! This will be the last introductory offer of the year! So take advantage of the healing and class lesson! Our programs are set from 2-6 years of age. Science believe by age four we have learned our core beliefs about money, love, sex, health, how to get attention and more. Many of us remember deep wounds of childhood or have no memory of childhood at all! We have experienced habits we feel we are witnessing ourselves doing, but can't stop. These habits can be with love, food, uncontrollable spending, constant fear controlling your decisions and more. Have you ever; started an argument just because, got angry for no apparent reason, refused to apologize even when you were wrong, always have to fight for love etc... If you find that your inner child is trigger in the above ways and you want to heal the stories behind the habits, this is a class for you to take while we explore the wounds of the inner child and complete the session with a healing to move you beyond the stories! TESTIMONIALS "OH MY GOD YOUR HEALINGS ARE F&#ING AMAZING MAGICAL WORKS OF ART!!!!" "Hello Adrien, I wanted to let you know that I have been doing sure Chakra healing and ego healing from YouTube videos since yesterday morning and I had a bad shoulder muscle and it is completely healed now. Thank you so much!" "I'm dying laughing...these healings really work!" Nicole L.A. Thank you Adrien! I can't say enough good things about your clearing audios! They are amazing!!! Her other healing has been remarkable. Everyone should take advantage. Many thanks. I have a lot of sadness toward the things that I haven't gotten around to doing such as going out more, finding a better job, and finally I want to in a relationship. I don't quite know how to get started with this, but the few healing that I've listened to have made me feel better and at peace. I actually need to do more of them! In simplest terms it truly difficult to articulate why or how one person can transform your life. Most people would ask why a psychic, and particularly this psychic. Adrien, is not just a psychic or even from this planet. This woman is a hybrid of a healer, psychic, Life coach, and wizard rolled into one juicy package. I have gone to psychics, paid up to 300 dollars for my hopes to be false. After checking out her bio, seeing her marvelous reviews I told myself, "let me try this, just one more time." That's it! She's it for me. Just like people have his or her favorite hairdresser or bartender, well Adrien is my go-to modern-day wizard meets Oprah. Erika Thank you Adrien for the healing last Friday I did receive an unexpected check today as well. (Money Webinar) I was looking for a house with my husband for more then a year and a half, I was really frustrated and after the first healing on the may the 10 we got the house. It was like a miracle for us, really great neighborhood and it is a detached with separate entrance in the basement. After the second healing last Friday, Saturday I was working and a friend of mine called me they want to rent our basement. ....not even 24 hours and an increase to our income occurs. Really amazing...the energy it's moving really fast...thank you very much for opening my eyes and my ears. M Just wanted to say thank you for your incredible webinar! It truly allowed me to see why I was holding back and having negative beliefs on money. Tremendous shifts... "So grateful this morning for Adrien Blackwell and her incredible healing! She has some truly miraculous clearings available on her website, and I HIGHLY recommend checking them out." Elysia "I honestly have gained so much self confidence just by listening to the chakra healing." V. D. LA "I'm grateful for your Chakra recording!! I've been doing it everyday for the last several days and I can feel a difference in my day to day. Now, towards the end of your recording, I can feel my body flood with white light. It's beautiful, it's amazing! I am so thankful" "The best investment was your coaching. Felt so happy in my body! That feeling of clarity is something I haven't had in a long time." "I really love listening to your recordings. I'm away for two days and won't be able to, but can't wait to get back to them again." "My loved one suffered from chronic pain in joints for over 40 years!!! This person didn't believe in any of psychic or healing gifts but recently the pain was unbearable so I reached out to Adrien. After her distant energy healing, the pain was gone next day and it's been 2 weeks now and no pain whatsoever!!"
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