Learn It Live Virtual Wellness Center

Connect Your Group to the World's Top Experts Online

Learn It Live specializes in online educational programs that connect your entire group to our network of the world's best health and wellness experts. See our quality guarantee.

From your own branded online learning center, your users will access a range of health and wellness classes directly from their computers. All online sessions are held live and then recorded for later review. Our system even tracks participation and rewards positive outcomes!

Learn It Live Wellness Program - How it works


  1. Log in to your own branded learning center
  2. Register for a class
  3. Attend the class live and interact online
  4. Have access to the recording

Program Heads:

  1. Track progress and participation
  2. Provide performance-based rewards
  3. Connect your group with an extremely valuable service for pennies!


From $99/month for a group license

Depending on the volume of users and number of classes your organization desires, pricing can range from $0.50 to $25 per user per month

Get in contact for specific pricing info@learnitlive.com

Key Features

  • life-changing connections

    Life-changing connections

    Top health and wellness experts, doctors, authors, mentors, and trainers lead interactive online sessions with your group.
    Read about our quality guarantee.

  • customization

    Programs customized to your group's needs

    Wellness needs vary. You'll work with a Learn It Live Rep to select experts and courses to facilitate your organization's particular wellness goals.

  • recordings on demand

    on demand

    Your members will have at least six months to access archived classes. If they want to review what they've learned at a later date, they can.

  • accessibility and convenience

    and convenience

    We've designed all Learn It Live sessions for accessibility and convenience. The schedule will be set according to your directions, and employees can join from anywhere they have Internet access.

  • rewards and effectiveness

    Rewards and Effectiveness

    To ensure that participants remain active and engaged in each class, Learn It Live tracks data that will enable your organization to evaluate ROI over time and incentivize your employees to meet health goals.

Corporate Wellness Program

Healthy employees cost less. Happy employees are more productive. Both stay with your company longer, reducing voluntary attrition and subsequent replacement costs. Offering regular nutrition, fitness, yoga, positive psychology, and motivation courses through a virtual corporate wellness program increases the number of valuable, healthy and happy employees in your workforce.

Learn It Live makes constructing and managing a virtual corporate wellness program easy. You'll select the courses that suit your organization's needs. The online sessions are fun, interactive, and scaled to your employee base. For even better results, you can offer rewards to incentivize your participants for reaching certain milestones. Your Virtual Wellness Center creates the healthy and happy workers that are essential for running a profitable business.
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  • Improve health
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce absences
  • Enhance morale


  • Juliet Learn It Live testimonial

    Juliet in Italy (student in health and wellness):

    "Learn It Live is wonderful - thank you so much. I am a complete beginner in yoga and I am really inspired! Amazing to be able to do this from my lounge in Italy!"
  • Nick Learn It Live testiomonial

    Nick from New York (student in nutrition):

    "Great information presented in an easy-to-remember format... I love it! I've learned so many great reminders and great new information."

Chronic-Care Program

Lack of physical activity, poor nutrition, tobacco use, and excessive alcohol consumption are responsible for most of the illness, suffering and death attributed to chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and arthritis. These diseases are common and costly, but also preventable.

Offering regular nutrition, fitness, cooking, yoga, motivation and group support sessions to your patients and clients will help them establish positive habits that reduce the incidence of chronic disease.
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PTSD Alleviation and Veterans Program

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is alarmingly common amongst veterans of the armed forces. Up to 20 percent of those who recently served in Iraq or Afghanistan exhibit signs of PTSD, and half of all veterans suffering from PTSD have yet to seek help.

Offering regular online group support sessions, meditation, yoga, and positive psychology courses to the veterans in your care can help them deal with their PTSD symptoms and tobacco addiction and alcohol issues - improving their quality of life.
Download more information here

  • Control diabetes
  • Reduce tobacco use
  • Eliminate alcohol dependency
  • Provide support to improve quality of life


  • Wendi Learn It Live Testimonial

    Wendi in Tennessee (student in yoga):

    "Thank you so much for the class today. I now have firsthand experience as to why this venue is absolutely necessary for cancer survivors and the recovery process. Those of us who suffer the ailments associated with cancer treatment truly need this service. I have not left the house since Monday except for a short walk with my husband, but after the classes I've taken through Learn It Live, I've been able to wake up each morning feeling better about my life and more hopeful for the future."
  • Carla Learn It Live Testimonial

    Carla in Oklahoma (student in health):

    "I am so in love with Learn It Live! I can't wait to see what all is to come. I am a Wellness Coach in Oklahoma City. I work with the seriously mentally ill. There are some of these that would be fantastic to share with my groups, not to mention, several I would like to view again."

Other Programs Offered by the Network

While we specialize in the programs above, we have an entire network of experts who offer amazing programs that can be tailored to any group.
Have a look below and let us know what program you'd like arranged for your group.

  • Nutrition

    Andrea Beaman at Learn It Live

    Holistic Nutrition Program

    Led by Andrea Beaman

    Nutrition and healthy cooking guru Andrea Beaman will lead your group through a series of classes designed as a holistic approach to nutrition. Be prepared to look and feel your best!

  • Business

    Simon Bailey at Learn It Live

    How to Attract Customers for Life

    Led by Simon Bailey

    Simon Bailey's fun and innovative sessions will teach your group to think better, sell better, and create the approach needed to win customers for life.

  • Positive Psychology

    Heidi Hanna at Learn It Live

    Simple Strategies to Boost Brainpower

    Led by Dr. Heidi Hanna

    Dr. Hanna leads a brain-training program designed to help people improve brain health and cognitive fitness. See what peak performance is all about!